Rabu, 28 April 2010

Honda Jazz Akan DI Recall Semua,Benarkah?

Indonesian distributor of Honda cars, Honda Prospect Motor, do not know about the withdrawal of the car also known as Jazz or Fit in some countries.
"Usually when we press, the letter comes before the public," said marketing director of Honda Prospect Motor, Jonfis, Friday night.
Jonfis states, the withdrawal of the entire world does not usually done. "Usually not," he said. That's because car production is not concentrated in one place.
Therefore Jonfis states, has been ascertained by Indonesia was not affected by the recall or withdrawal. "Since the production of Indonesia and different suppliers," said Jonfis.
However Jonfis asking consumers not to panic the first rush. "If there is more information, we'll tell you," he said.

Previously, Honda announced the British decided to pull VIVAnews entire production from 2001 to 2008 Honda Jazz. Honda found there was an error in the production of an important part of the window if suspected of disturbing the water can trigger short-circuit and cause fires.
Honda UK, as reported timesonline.com, January 2010, states will contact all owners of Honda Jazz. This condition will affect the Honda Jazz 646 000 worldwide.
Death Toll
Cases of these fires in September and later claimed the lives of two year old child named Vanilla Nurses in South Africa. Vanilla was sleeping when the car caught fire.
The resignation was signed as a user with a number of Toyota is also concerned about cases of death due to production errors. In the United States, appeared 19 reports of deaths from the gas pedal depressed while Toyota continues to attract riders had legs.

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