Rabu, 28 April 2010

Li-Nian Consep Dan Penjualan Honda Di Cina

Honda managed to sell 580 000 units of cars in China last year. This achievement represents a new record, while placing China as the country's most Honda buyers. Thus, President and CEO of Honda Motor Co.., Ltd.. Takanobu Ito declared in a speech at Beijing Motor Show, a few days yesterday.

"Honda will continue to strive to be the closest car manufacturer with customers in China, according to their needs," said Ito. "We will also introduce a new model of environmentally friendly and cooperation with our partner, Guangzhou Automobile and Dongfeng Motor."
He added two hybrid models produced in Japan, Insight and CR-Z, will be sold in the China market before the end of 2012. While promising hybrids Acura models will be marketed within the next three years.

Ito also said that Honda is ready to create new markets by introducing a premium crossover model, Crosstour, which will combine the comfort of the sedan with SUV toughness. Honda Crosstour which is scheduled to be produced Guangqi enter the Chinese market later this year.

In Beijing Motor Show 2010 which starts today introduced a concept car that Honda built Guangqi LI Nian Honda brand. The plan, Honda will announce the time to market this car for Guangzhou Motor Show is scheduled for later this year.

In addition, Dongfeng Honda will introduce their own brands, so that both Honda and Dongfeng Honda Guangqi will have their own merekter that will strengthen the position of the Honda group in the Chinese market.

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