Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Spesifikasi Modifikasi BMW 325i Tampil Elegan

BMW 325i car assembling this one is not too much to give an impression as the car changed. Julian Thio Because owners still want to maintain their original character as an elegant style of European cars. Minor modifications to the exterior, done only to strengthen the character of the BMW. Among other things, by replacing the rear bumper and side with the BMW M5 kirt custom. Muffer and so does the tail pipe which also has a custom BMW M5.

Similarly, the interior sector, Julian really wants to retain its original character. No modification is applied to the interior touches. "I did not change the interior, because I do not want to change the original character of the BMW is already famous for its elegant style, said Julian As with the legs, Julian billiar who love to play this, wanted to show a strong and fierce impression on the mount. For that, he rest BMW standard rims and replace them with larger size is 20.

It is not easy to implement a rim with a larger size for BMW fender underneath. In addition to the appropriate size between the fenders with a lip, an edge also sometimes got stuck when the car is run. As experienced by Julian, rear fenders gesrot time through bumpy streets. To outsmart, fenders must be rolled up as much as 4 cm Not only that, Julian replace with standard BMW Eibach Sport Kit assembly. "Per Eibach shorter than the BMW's standard suspension but became stronger., So that the lips are no longer gesrot," explained Julian.

Modifications to this power the car rather than on the two sectors, but sectors of the audio system that looks low profile but has the power to satisfy the owner's ear like the Sound Quality. Biodegradation is also provided for the audio sector, and to get very clear sound quality, Julian submit for home modifications Hugo penggarapannya Audio. Delius, Hugo installer immediately issued a black berkelir car audio system with high-quality audio devices.

Type 2003 BMW 325i
Owner Julian Thio

Custom kirt side BMW M5, BMW M5 Custom rear bumper, Xenon head lamps 7000 K, Freelow Remus Exhaust mufflers, tail pipes Custom BMW M5

GP 4200 Performance Audio Power, Power monoblock SX 8000, a Two Punch inch subwoofer set, front speakers P1 12 Braxton, Braxton Braxton center speaker and rear speakers, equalizer Rodek
Traffic Suspension R20 Star rims, tires Falken 235/40 R20, per Eibach Sport Kit

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