Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Spesifikasi Modifikasi Honda City

Despite the unfriendly weather did not reduce the photographers to take pictures of cars these modifications. For the photographer take a picture with just as wet conditions have their own vehicle in an artistic display.

Black colored car in which the owner once captivated Personal Hendra modify his favorite ride. Imagine, he still was not satisfied with the concept of seeing the road while racing, "my plan will change the look of the car, especially the engine for better racing," said 17 teenagers this year.

These ideas are applied fairly simple but do not have a sense of Hendra other refuse. Problem penggarapannya, placed in the home modification Zero Yon Racing, Jakarta. With the overall completion time for two months. Execution begins in the body that almost all sectors to apply custom models such as body kits, front bumper, lip spoiler, side skirts to the rear bumper. To strengthen the exterior look, the system is designed to reduce aerodynamic forces under the stern of the sector with the installation of wing branded Veilside GT Wing CL. GT wing device requires a process of careful, in accordance with the Japanese carmaker's body contours, wing "has been cut three sections to fit in the back of the car body," said Hendra.

To show the balance of body, foot automatic car is also facing made. Fabulous chosen to Extend R rim diameter of 18 inches. To wrap the rim, Hendra select manufacturers Accelera 215/35/18 size. Here is not in the back of the device that uses shock absorbers Eibach Pro Kit type per. To be able to view the racing, the interior has been updated. Adopted the theme of cabin space with a view Vertue racing concept. Not surprisingly, displayed a row of measuring instrument or instruments on the dashboard. Front and rear seat racing to adopt the model output and applying the model of MB Tech Isotta steering device. Door trims are made of MB Tech to add to the impression ciamik bandaged.

In the system brings the flow of SQL pemanja ears (Sound Quality Level). Rely on a single unit measure 12 inches Audiobang subwoofer and two sets of speakers split Viva Logic 6-inch size appointed to the signal with a power amplifier unit intersys behind. Special speaker's signal, before the sound quality is the eat directly sorted through crossover-type logic Viva. And then maximized by the Pioneer head unit type MP 8650.


Honda City 2006

Personal Hendra Owner

Eskterior custom body kit, custom bumpers (front and rear), custom lip spoiler, side skirts custom, custom diffuser, custom grill, Veilside GT Wing CL-wing, 8000K HID Lamp Type R, 5 Zigen Fireball mufflers.

Rep. edge of the foot. Fabulous Expand R 18 inch, Accelera 215/35/18 Tires, Eibach Pro Kit per.

Simota Carbon Filter Water Machine, Kansai header 4-1

Seat Interior MB Tech, Vertue concept interior trim, wheel, door trim wheel Isotta MB Tech, Autobahn Racing pedal set, indicators Autogauge.

Audio head unit and Pioneer 8650 MP, Intersys 4-channel power amplifiers, crossover Viva Logic, a unit of 12-inch subwoofer Audiobang, speakers split 6-inch Logic Viva, Viva Logic speakers 6-inch (front and back).

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