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Fantastis, Mobil Kuno Buatan 1930 Terjual Rp 15,5 Miliar

FLORIDA-A Duesenberg Model J Sport Berline 1930 artificial successfully sold for 1.7 million U.S. dollars or approximately USD 15.5 billion at an annual auction to-12 RM Auctions Automobiles of Amelia Island in Florida, USA, late last month. While a Model J Convertible Coupe successfully made in 1932 was sold for 825 thousand U.S. dollars (USD 7.5 billion).

1930 Duesenberg that was last owned by a collector from the U.S., John O'Quinn, previously restored by Murphy Inc.. in California. With a 6879 cc engine eight-cylinder four-valve per cylinder, this car is capable of producing 265 hp power. Historically, this machine is one of the best engineering masterpiece.

1930 Duesenberg sold at a price 1.7 million U.S. dollars at the same time broke the previous auction record which recorded a Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 Berlinetta 1967 (1.65 million U.S. dollars), Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 Alloy Berlinetta 1967 (1.256 million U.S. dollars) , and the Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Daytona Spyder in 1971 (1.017 million U.S. dollars).
Fantastic, If you are interested please fly to the U.S.

Duesenberg Model J Sport Berline own previously owned by an American collector of the late Mr.. John O'Quinn. Built on a Californian coachbuilders Murphy Inc.

Behind bonnetnya, planted a four engine valves per cylinder twin overhead camshaft inline eight-cylinder capable of generating power up to 265 bhp. Large enough for a car that era.

Cars made in 1930 which is one of the most historic cars and much sought after by collectors in the world to be auctioned.

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