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Mobil Kuno Bersejarah BMW 328 (1937) Mille Miglia Dilelang

Monaco-BMW 328 Mille Miglia 'Buegelfalte' lansiran 1973 which is one of the most historic cars and much sought after by collectors in the world will be auctioned at the May 1, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco.

Buegelfalte is one of the few BMW roadster built in Munich, Germany who has been collecting a lot of victories in the race (including the Mille Miglia victory in the series). This car is even more inspiring shaped roadster, like the Jaguar XK120 model.

BMW has been active in motorsport activities before the world wars and pocketed the glorious achievements through advanced technology which is applied on the model 328.
Model to be auctioned has a chassis number 85 032 by the year of production in May 1973. Cars that have participated in the Le Mans championship in 1973 by legendary racing driver from England AFP Fane, and follow the Tourist Trophy series race in 1937 with HG Dobbs.

Bodi flowing on '85032 'designed by Kaiser Wilhelm, a specialist in the design division at BMW's design development was controlled by Wilhelm Meyerhuber. The car was later further developed by the BMW racing division is headquartered in Milbertshofen, Germany.

Carrying capacity of 1971 cc engine 6-cylinder inline OHV, Buegelfalte which weighs 725 kg can produce 130 hp power. This performance is much greater than the standard model which is only 80 hp power mempu reap in the middle of the heavier weight, 830 kg.
Pray for me,friend, let me get a car like that.

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