Senin, 10 Mei 2010

Mobil Listrik Terbaru Nissan Leaf

Nissan Motor Co announced plans to build a new electric vehicle assembly plant in Sunderland's Leaf began in 2013 with initial annual capacity reaches 50,000 units.

Japanese companies allied with the French company, Renault, will invest $ 642.6 million U.S. dollars for the project, including the development of lithium ion battery factory in the surrounding region.

If this plan runs Sunderland factory will be the third facility that produces the global Nissan Leaf. The first plant will begin production this year was in Oppama, Japan, while the second and will start production in 2012 in Smyrna, Tennessee, USA. The leaf itself is a five-passenger hatchback is based on zero emission vehicles.
According to Nissan, leaf production was first made in Japan will be marketed to consumers in the country, the United States and several European countries of choice. While for the global target, Nissan plans to begin marketing it in 2012.
So far, Nissan and Renault has scheduled the production of electric vehicles globally as many as 500,000 units per year. Renault itself which will run this project next year.
To accelerate the production of electric vehicles, Nissan said it had received a loan from the British government aid worth $ 20,700,000 and also from the European Investment Bank for 302 million U.S. dollars.

Although Nissan does not dare say this about the selling price of Leaves. Nissan reveals only that Leaf would be a very competitive price with the size of a car that still uses a conventional engine.
Nissan will be working with NEC Corp.. for the manufacture of lithium ion batteries, also plans to build a battery factory in Portugal to supply the European market. Indonesia today?

Japan's ambitions to control the sale of electric cars in the world. To achieve these objectives the Japanese vehicle manufacturers are trying to make the system of electric vehicle recharging stations are there in his country as a global standard, including in the United States. It is said that some vehicle manufacturers in Japan, including Nissan and Toyota, along with state electrical companies and local governments, is reviewing the plan.

According to Tokyo Electric Power Co., the strategy is the key to achieving the goal of keeping electric vehicles made in Japan more easily consumed by the world. Electric vehicle recharging stations produced Japan is expected to give fast and easy filling in the application.

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