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Ford Focus RS500 Paket Upgrade

INGGRIS, Car Modifier from Inggris, Mountune,launched an upgrade package for Ford Focus RS500 MP350 epithet that can be redeemed by the new owners RS.

MP350 Kit for RS500 is claimed not only power able to blow up 15% to 345 hp, but also increase the torque to 460 Nm. Increased power and torque, this occurs after the technicians are eligible to apply water filters Muontune Performance bigger intercooler, exhaust system, modification to the ECU for the fuel pump with high performance. Amazingly, the entire device has received approval from the manufacturer Ouvals nicknamed Blue.

With a combination like that, Ford Focus RS500 dilecut able to speed 100 km / h in just 6.5 seconds. While for the speed of 000-100 mph can direngkuh in 2.12 seconds with a top speed reached 266 km / hr. "Although we RS500 launch a limited edition at Leipzig Show, an upgrade package gives the option for consumers to get a good performance 'Ford-approved' for this additional question by a prospective owner of the hospital," said Chief Engineer Program Focus RS500, Matthias Tonn.

New Mountune kit MP350 Focus RS will be marketed in the month of May with bandrol £ 1,995 plus £ 200 for the cost of workmanship. Focus RS500 Calom owners can already do pre-orders through the official site Mountune Performance.
This allows those who could not secure one of Ford’s ultra-limited-edition, matt black RS500s to upgrade any latest-generation RS to match the power – if not the exclusivity – of Ford’s fastest-ever Focus road car.

Developed by Ford Team RS, in partnership with Mountune Performance (MP) and offering similar performance to the RS500, the MP350 RS upgrade will be launched through selected Ford dealers across the UK.

Comprising a larger intercooler and air filter box, larger diameter exhaust downpipe and a higher-capacity fuel pump, along with uprated software calibration, it remains the only officially-approved Focus RS upgrade package.

Mark Simpson, Ford Britain marketing director, said: “Focus RS500 has raised the Ford performance bar in every way – it’s the fastest-selling model in Ford’s UK history, with five times more customers than we had cars for. The MP350 kit has been developed to meet some of this additional demand and allow enthusiasts with cars in standard tune to enjoy even greater performance, without endangering their warranty. If you couldn’t get an RS500, which sold out within seven days, this is the next best thing.”

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