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Meningkatkan Performa Mobil Lewat Throttle

Many ways to improve engine performance. One of the Throttle Body, which is part of the air intake system that controls the large number of air intake into the engine. Throttle body is usually located between the water filter box and intake manifold. The greatest part contained within the throttle body is called the throttle plate, which is a valve that looks like a butterfly (butterfly valve) and functions regulate the flow of air (airflow).

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Improving the performance of the car can definitely be done in various ways, ranging from the method naturally aspirated (N / A) or with the method of force induction (FI). One way to improve performance through methods N / A is able to enlarge the diameter of skepticism from the throttle body. In this way power (HP and torque) may have increased, but remain to be accompanied by the existence of some alteration, if not, the increase in performance can not be maximized.

When increasing throttle body a lot to be adjusted, ie change the intake gas and wind etc.. Where is all this depends on the tuner was when her engine balance, whether to chase performance or efficiency of fuel consumption. One effect of increasing the diameter of the throttle body to pursue its performance is at the bottom of the pull will be felt less or somewhat ngempos especially for owners of vehicles matic, but entered the upward pull of the medium to a new sense of improved performance.

"In improving the performance of the machine, either by way of naturally aspirated (N / A) or with the force method of induction (FI) and equipment should always be tailored to the needs of the engine itself. Can not play carelessly "said Robby, retainer from RS Tuning modifications house located dibilangan Bintaro, South Jakarta. "To that end, typically before making modifications, especially the better engine dyno test done beforehand" he concluded.

That's why a lot of things to consider when making modifications to the engine, all can not be seen from one side only. In addition to considering the needs of the engine, previously used to better consultation with the tuner that will work on engine modifications, for the same perception.

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