Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Meningkatkan Kinerja Mesin Metode N/A (Naturally Aspirated)

The modifier of the machine would have wanted more for the engine performance. Tapas sometimes still confusing to know where to start and because of limited funds. Here is one way which is usually done through modification of the method engine N / A (Naturally aspirated).
Modifying a car engine by N / A is effective to increase the power of the engine and drain the wallet belonging to fewer than if you do method Force Induction (FI). N / A can be done gradually, but do N / A also can not be indiscriminate. There are several stages of the method, N / A which can be done if you want to improve the performance of the car as desired. Here is a step in modifying the N / A

1. Make sure the engine Baek: The most fundamental if you want to modify the engine in any way is to ensure that healthy machine condition. So it must be a general tune up such a gap adjustment of the valve, replace the spark plugs, changing oil filters and fuel filters, oil change with oil a good long time, and to conduct injector cleaning when necessary. Also to be considered also is making sure that the car clutch in a state / good condition as well.

2. Part Ignition And Exhaust Racing: Next then begin to deal with racing parts such as bolt-on air filters, headers, exhaust, spark plug wires and parts such ignition coils and spark plugs. If the car is already using the ECU, the addition of piggy backing is needed here.

3. Handling: This step is indeed nothing to do with the machine, but this stage is very important to be done before continuing to stage N / A 'will be more extreme. Would be futile and not a safety if the car dibesut but do not have good stability and handling. Maximizing the handling can be achieved by modifying the suspension system, such as using a coil over, installing sway bars and strut bars, and also replace the bushing with the legs of the car better material made from polyurethane.

4. Extreme Up-Grade: After all the racing bolt-on parts applied, handling is maximized and assisted with setting dyno but have not gotten the desired results, only then can proceed with doing such an extreme manner starting polish ported head, camshaft and piston replacing the hi- compression. But when you still felt less, may be continued by enlarging the capacity of the engine stroker kit uses (if available).

5. Reduce expenses: Apart from the four previous stages, the reduction of car weight will also help accelerate the car lighter, but the risk of reducing the comfort if the car is still used as a daily car. Usually the last step is done for racing purposes.

For execution time, when working on all phases of direct modification of the method, N / A This could take one to two weeks and that too depends on the car.
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