Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

Modifikasi Spesifikasi Suzuki Swift GT, Street Racing

Elegan Sporty appearance but really inspire young modifier. Evidently, Indra Robby Cahyawan choose Suzuki Swift GT as a daily journey. Through design modification , Robby deliberately come up with a new picture into the car steed. The car looks fresh, served with bringing the product from the Suzuki Sport. In line with the model of Suzuki Sport, it seems the concept of youth who choose to take this concept of Street Racing. I chose this concept because let's racing street racing and good looks made to run faster, said the teenager was playing basketball fans.

Swift exterior modification process, it was Robby, requires patience. He must be willing to wait about three months, since the choice of exterior products to be imported from Japan. These products include body kits, lights, hood, until the sticker pieces. Composition of the basic body kit, made from scrit, used for Japanese vehicles, ranging from device grille, front bumper, side skirts to the rear bumper. While for cutting stickers, emblems, lights, mirrors, and taillights, all applied to the Suzuki Swift Sport model.

Changing it does not stop at the only sector of the body. Not escape from the foot of the modification. Congenital rim and tire manufacturers, immediately updated. Rims Enkei RPF entrusted to a brand, 17x7 inches in diameter, then wrapped in Toyo Proxes rubber artificial circular, size 205/45 R17. To maintain a system of foot, were used as artificial coilover Hypermax HKS. Also do not forget to set the bar strur, to get the perfect level of stability when passing the bend.

Not many changes were made to spruce Robby saw it. Swift this room small cabin, built in harmony with the view outside racing. RECARO seat using the manufacturer designs, as well as a set of pedal-type Suzuki Sport. Swift pemanja ear system standards are also updated. Robby choose an audio installation that leads to the flow of SQ, and then selected deh 6850 head unit, power amplifier Audison strengthened. Then the quality of sound, channeled through two types of Vocals subwoofer unit.

About the performance by the owners, producers feel less powerful standard engine Swift. In mengoprek machine, he was inspired after reading a leading automotive magazine in Japan. Then he went to his besutannya house engine modifications, REV Engineering, Jakarta. So that more qualified workers, he decided to use this type of Zage turbo. While for air flow penghantar, he chose the same type of water filter. Blow off the draft of the Trust, took part complements the stern impression of the engine when the turbine works. To repair or adjust the fuel intake system of engine performance, use the QT version Dastek piggyback. As gas dump channel, branded mufflers placed in Kansai.

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