Minggu, 02 Mei 2010

Modifikasi VW New Beetle Bak Terbuka

ATTENDANCE Volkswagen pickup Amarok still not clear when you can buy. Maybe there are other ways to become VW-brand pickups like the case of Japan Hayashi workshop with his creation, called 'New Beetle convertible Pick-ups'.

There is a saying "Where there's a will, there's a way. The workshop was deliberately planted a half-body pick-up with half the New VW Beetle on the front. As a result there is a new type of magic.

Section front embraces the modern retro flow while at the back tend to retro classic that reminds us of the forms of output some American-made pick-ups and a half centuries ago by the bulge flanking spakbor box-shaped basin.

We all know that this new version of an old VW vehicles tend to be as feminine. This is strengthened by the vase in front of the dashboard. However, it seems inappropriate to turn it into a pick-up because it will not make this vehicle look masculine.

It's really very creative. But you will be pretty crazy if you follow the trail to the creator of 'screw up' vehicle for almost half a billion dollars. Unless you really want to be labeled as mentally ill persons. Hehehe ...

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