Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

New Creations Range Rover From Victoria Beckam

Victoria a former pop star of Posh Spice, or better known to many people with the name of Victoria Beckham, has found a new job, he has been appointed executive creative designs in the Range Rover. The announcement was made yesterday during the celebration of 40th anniversary of the Range Rover brand, in The plant oranges, Kensington Palace, where the Land Rover to introduce 'new baby Evoque' SUV.

In his new role, pop singer-turned-fashion designer will provide input on future editions of trendy Range Rover special design projects, starting with the Special Edition Evoque.

Victoria Beckham said at the commemoration of 40 Range Rover: "This is a very interesting collaboration. English Heritage Classic Range Rover and business style, quality and beauty is something that I really admire and also what I achieve with my own brand. I feel honored to take on this role and become part of the creative team. "

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover and Range Rover Design Director, and the person responsible for recruiting Beckham, commented:

"Victoria Beckham is a talented British fashion designer and very knowledgeable about great design and trends to understand Victoria. Product fancy - he is a fan and Range Rover Range Rover owners have become over the years. His fashion business now in its third year and loved the design by critics and bought by many of the most stylish woman in this world I believe in the promise to add a new dimension to my design team as we continue to design products to attract a wider audience .. "

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