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New Car, Citroen DS4 2011

Citroen, one of the leading car company introduced a new car. These are the first pictures coming out DS4 company, which provides the force that was promised by the concept of Rider High DS look at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

After a DS3, which is based on the C3 supermini, a luxury DS4 exterior features that are designed more than C4 which underpins it. new arrivals measuring 4.27 meters long, 1.81 meters wide and 1.53 meters high, so shorter, wider and 10cm higher than normal and C4 was slightly greater than the MINI countrymen.

In front, wearing a face Citroen hatchback newest family, who triumphed in the C5. The additional chrome on the grille two-bar and a pair of boomerang-shaped lights running during the day to add classes, while in addition, generous flared wheelarches house 19-inch alloys, although smaller rims available.

Coupe-like roofline and lines upswept shoulders tapering to the rear, where the handle for each of the small back door hidden.

At the tail, DS4 has a scalloped bumper neatly integrates out the tailpipe.

Interior-grade materials that offer higher than usual in the C4 hatch. Liberal use of chrome for quick, leather on the dashboard and doors, plus aluminum pedals to demonstrate the company's attention to luxurious details right. Buyers will be given a choice of five combination skin. Top-specification trim to hide the car features designed to mimic the look expensive bracelets linked together. Meanwhile, all variants get a panoramic glass that extends back to the roof line and help bathe the cabin in the light.

Also available is a high-end stereo system and front seats with massage function. All cars come with a unique selection of exotic tone of the four named to the various warning sounds: Classic, Crystal Symphony, and the Urban Jungle Fantasy Rythmik.

Although DS4 and luxurious style, practicality is still high on the agenda. Passenger door pockets have been enlarged, and the center console bin refrigerated storage standard. At 370 liters, the boot is bigger than the Volkswagen Golf as well. Safety kit includes blind-spot monitoring and speed limiter, installed in accordance with the Assist Safety Euro NCAP crash tests.

Under the hood, DS4 line-up features of the five machines. Diesel buyers can choose from units of 1.6 liter HDi 110bhp with e-stop / start technology and regenerative braking, and the 160bhp 2.0-liter. There are three petrol options, too: a 120bhp 1.6 VTi, and a pair of 1.6-liter turbocharged unit with 155bhp or, in the range-topping car, 200bhp. The DS4 debut at the Paris Motor Show in October, before the sale in the UK in early 2011.

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