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New Car, Honda Civic 2011

According to the latest reports, Redesigned Honda Civic will not arrive until 2011. The next generation of the Honda Civic will be officially launched in 2010 and is expected by dealers in 2011.

Like the present version, the new vehicle will be available in two versions, with three or five doors. The new generation will use the gasoline and diesel engines but also will offer a hybrid version, supported by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 150 hp. Then, Type-R version will feature more than 200 exclusive hp.Gambar husband shows how the next car akan look when it hits showrooms in 2010, like Dan who see your name and Back, maker of Japan Selects Yang has even more daring and more individuals than New articles at the initial model.

New articles Vauxhall Astra is set to launch the New Articles stylish, and, the next Ford Focus slim mature in 2010, competition is fierce - but Honda has stopped issuing for the article makes pretty Manifest. As revealed in the SPI 1.023, OSM concept seen in the British Motor Show is more than dari Sebuah 'Open Study Model' - as the Civic Face New Articles dari almost identical.

There are instructions VW IROC concept, the firm declined to Scirocco, acid in the gaping front grille. element for the article adds dari Civic hatchback was taken as the initials as well, The well-known is the fencing strip Trademarks taillight clusters in Bagian. But Honda fans akan noted that dividing the back of the screen to increase the visibility has been down for the article. shallow glass area, shoulder width, and provides a model of the nose down position of the Three Doors-And-look sporty goals.

Hatchback 'coupé described in' here is intended akan ON younger buyers, who want better image dari hd And Jump practicality. So, as well as alloys Big And Contrast Bodykit black, door-Three akan lowered suspension New Articles And Very Dark interior carved chairs.

-Door akan different SIBOR dari five, as Honda adopts a similar approach of New Articles Renault Megane pitching By prayer in different car buyers. So akan more five-door for the Family Articles, the High Line New article roofs offer considerably more space, the boot bigger, softer ride and handling plus the balance.

Engine line-up is divided BETWEEN akan hd prayer, though, and Attorney Our Sources have revealed that the 1.5-liter engine Sebuah more dari IMA Hybrid New Articles And 150bhp 120g/km emissions appear sub-akan CO2.

In fact, Civic akan FOCUS herald changes for Japan BECAUSE makers trying to reduce CO2 emissions for the article. THIS time the restructuring of manufacturing facilities to meet the needs of domestic article Large-scale Hybrid.

Over the next five years, Honda Planning to Articles Power * All Four-cylinder cars use gasoline hybrid Both New Articles lithium-ion battery Danijel i-CTDi diesel. introducing 'deactivation technology as well, but' for his article V6, V8 and V10 engines. THIS means that some
cylinder akan not used in driving conditions Relax in an effort to further improve efficiency for articles.

Hot hatch fans akan Both also met, as the Ship Type R is in the Works, 2.0-liter engine is supported by i-VTEC The Five Year Plan provided the Honda Hybrid, can be encouraged to subscribe to My Generation By motor. Husband makes things akan Heat World's first hybrid hatch!

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