Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Mobil Termahal Selebriti Papan Atas Dunia

Have a super luxury car for top celebrities is very easy. It's not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, but at least they have the capital to get it. And for local celebrities is very difficult to get the car, let alone us ordinary people, "do not fantasize about" hehehe ...

By paying billions of dollars, beautiful cars Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bugatti until they can get. recently released their most expensive cars owned by celebrities the world. The following cars:

1. Jay Z - Maybach Exelero
Maybach Exelero is a car that has a super high performance. Designed and built by luxury car manufacturer Maybach, and issued in May 2005. Officer tire company

Fulda use this car as a testbed a new generation of wide tires. German luxury car manufacturer created the one-off model as a modern interpretation of the legendary efficient cars of the 1930s.

Even though the weight reached 2.66 tons, this car can be driven up to 351 km per hour. While acceleration 0-100 km per hour applied in 4.4 seconds. Exelero V12 engine Twin Turbo 5908 cc.

Therefore it is not surprising that Jay Z was willing to spend Rp72 billion just to bring home a unit Maybach Exelero.

2. Birdman - Bugatti Veyron
Rapper Birdman has dropped the option on the Bugatti Veyron, despite having to spend Rp20 billion more to bring this car. Veyron is not only one of Europe's most expensive car in the world, but also the fastest car on the planet.

Using the W16 engine - V8S four turbochargers can produce power 1200 hp, so able to go 431 miles per hour. With this high speed, the Veyron has become the fastest car in the world.

0-100 km per hour speeds taken in 2.5 seconds, and the maximum speed only to within 55 seconds from the state stopped.

3. Simon Cowell - Bugatti Veyron
Simon may seem fussy when it became a judge on American Idol, but she smiled as she rode the Bugatti. Because, with this car at 100 miles per hour takes only 2.5 seconds, and he was able to go fastest in the world.

To bring this car to the garage, Simon also had to pay almost the same bag with Birdman.

Simon was also a collector car. In the garage there is also Ferrari and Rolls Royce Phantom. In fact he was on the waiting list booking Cabriolet 100EX.

4. Jerry Seinfeld - Porsche 959
Seinfeld is known as an automotive enthusiast since he has a hangar at Santa Monica Airport, California, United States, which contains a collection of 46 Porsche that he had since the 1990s. One of them a Porsche 959 which produced only 337 units worldwide. Therefore, Seinfeld dare spend up to Rp 6, 3 billion.

5. Nicolas Cage - Enzo Ferrari
Nick could have a Ferrari Enzo worth Rp 6 billion as his personal collection. Enzo has a F140 Aluminum V12 engine, and only produced as much as 399 units.

Cage used to racing after lakonnya in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. He's addicted to using race car in everyday life. Unfortunately sports car that can be driven 349 miles per hour he must sell to pay debts membelitnya.

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