Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Original Display All New Mazda BT-50, so cool

After a sketch featuring all-new BT-50 early last September, the original figure in the arena mejeng Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, last night. In Indonesia, PT Mazda Motor Indonesia will launch its flagship pickup the next year.

All-new BT-50 brings futuristic design of sportsmanship. It can be shown on the design of the headlights mengkrucut model with a sharp angle to toe the line and curve of the body as one with the bonnet and front bumper grill.
Looked in his cabin a modern nuance displayed in a new dashboard design. In the center console, the audio has been integrated with the dashboard to display an aura of luxury. Silver line in the middle to give the feel of elegance, style bars steering combined three.

From outward appearances, this commercial vehicle design brings an entirely new concept of "Sophisticated Beast". Curve of the body looks much more dynamic. Slanting headlamp design that integrates with sein and a big grill in the middle makes the BT-50 look more elegant. Logo encrusted chrome Mazda pickup make this figure more trendy.

"We're seeing a photo of a lion. He looks like a predator ready to pounce on prey. Lions also look smart and strong. Citra like this that I'm trying to create the latest design of the BT-50," lid Yanagisawa.

Towards the stern, like the feel of the chrome bumper and dynamic lighting design to the side of the body supports the viewing of BT-50 overall. In addition, the use of mica sein clear choice to support the impression of elegance.

"The new BT-50 offers a new emotion through design and we describe a lot of inspiration from around the world," explained Ryo Yanagisawa, Chief Designer All New BT-50, as reported by autoevolution, overnight.

Entry into the cabin, the dash display with asymmetrical designs appear on the pull line from the direction of the metallic panel door trim to the main console in the middle. Sporty impression is also strong with a new instrument panel. In addition, most new features in this car is a key regulator that applied at the steering wheel audio. He became more luxurious.

Unfortunately, Mazda did not want to talk about the kitchen runway. However, "his brother", the All New Ford Ranger, has been sliding in the same location comes with 2.2-liter TDCi diesel engine-powered 148 hp and 375 Nm of torque. So, the heart pacemaker BT-50 is probably the same as last Ranger because both are products of collaboration Mazda and Ford.

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