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New Toyota Yariz 2011, Lightweight And Simplified Cars

2011 Toyota Yaris is the best car for you if you want there are no worries of fuel-sipper that act is greater than the small size indicates - and not experiencing unintended acceleration in mind.

2011 Toyota Yaris subcompact utilizing lightweight and simple to achieve economic resources such as hybrid fuel. How does 29 mpg in town and 35 on the highway sound? And it with automatic transmission and room for four adults. 2011 Yaris is treated to some new colors and like all Toyota - remember it or not - to receive electronic brake systems are overridden. Prices for 2011 Yaris friendly start at $ 13,615. As the most desirable models tickled at $ 16,000, but you should be confident in your priorities to reject calls from a larger car.

2011 Yaris continues with a powertrain that consists of four-cylinder engine and a choice of five-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic. Its 106 horsepower is not much muscle, but the Yaris weighs just 2300 pounds to be accelerated enough if relaxed. Like every car in this class, the Yaris has the front wheels, the powertrain package on his front tire. This is the most efficient use of space and place additional weight on the wheels that propel the car. That's good for wet-road traction, but not the kind of balance that translates into sporty handling.

Yaris only drawback is the non-compliance in a high wind gear on the open highway, where he can demand a lot of steering corrections to keep you post. All Yaris models are built in Japan and are not included in unintended acceleration, Toyota's recall to the gas pedal sticking or interference floormat. However, all of Toyota's electronic override a system that gives priority to the brake if both brake and gas pedal is applied. Toyota production system to gradually during 2010 and retrofit some models going back to model year 2005. Starting with the model-year 2011 vehicles, Toyota said all these cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans will have the system, including the Yaris.

New features Toyota Yariz 2011 is sunvisor extensions for hatchback - a small item but it is very necessary because there is so much glass area. This is a change directly to a simple car troubles. Indeed, nothing fancy here - no navigation system, leather seat, hot seat, or a sunroof, for example. But give Toyota credit for including key safety and convenience items as standard equipment on every 2011 Yaris. These include antilock brakes, traction control and antiskid systems, technology, respectively, to help stop the car, left, and negotiate changes.

Head-protecting side curtain airbags are also standard, such as air conditioning and tilt steering wheel. But the low initial price means you have to open your wallet to the list of options to get features like split / folding rear backrest, rear-window defogger, cruise control, and power mirrors, windows, and locks. 2011 Yaris is actually among the few cars that do not come with an audio system. AM / FM radio with CD player and auxiliary jack are included in the optional Convenience package and power and USB iPod interface is included when combined with the Sport package alloy wheels. Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone connectivity is available as a Blu-Logic brand accessories.

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