Kamis, 14 April 2011

China Duplicate MINI Cars

There have been many who proclaim that there is no doubt the expertise of Chinese manufacturers who can imitate a car design. There seems to be a car they could not duplicate the design. Consider just Geely cars Emgrand EC6-RV, so precise with the output of the BMW MINI.

As reported by China Car Times, Thursday (14/04/2011), this car will be exhibited at the Shanghai New International Expo Center next week. So the eyes of visitors likely will be focused on this Chinese version of the MINI.

This car is similar to the MINI Cooper but with the addition of another style so similar also with Citroen DS3.

Even so, its size is reported to have a longer length of 3845 m of 100 mm from the MINI. Wheelbasenya was 6 mm longer that is 2467 m.

While the machine using a 1300 cc engine with a turbocharger. Transmission options include dual-clutch and manual 6-speed.

For suspension Geely will use a semi-independent torsion beam in the rear, but McPherson also likely to be used Geely.

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