Kamis, 14 April 2011

Pabrik Mobil Jepang Belum Pikirkan Untuk Relokasi

Jakarta - Japanese car manufacturers are still the focus to fix the production and distribution chain in the country and does not plan to relocate the vehicle assembly plant to Indonesia and Europe following the basic infrastructure and energy issues has not been supportive.

Joint Secretary of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) Andrianto Juwono said this during the Japanese cars remain the principal focus to restore production and distribution chain and there is no discourse to relocate the factory.

According to him, to relocate the plant was not an easy thing especially basic infrastructure problems and energy problems in Indonesia have not kept investors interested to transfer the location pabariknya to the Fatherland.

"There is no relocation information [to Indonesia], the Japanese car manufacturers have not thought that far ahead right now just concentrate on restoring the condition of the company there, and trying to find the source components from other countries but there is no story about the relocation," he said when contacted by Business Today.

Juwono states to attract investors to relocate factories to Indonesia is still a lot of things in the country that must be addressed especially with regard to basic infrastructure, and free highway toll roads, energy availability and increasing purchasing power better.

During the basic infrastructure and logistic problems have not improved, he added, investors are still difficult to relocate a car assembling plant in Indonesia, especially for export purposes must didkung with ease regulations and incentives, jau-carmodification.blogspot.com.

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