Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Toyota Vios 2012 Akan Menggebrak jalanan

HONDA can be proud to display their newest for low sedan, City with Facelift. However, their rival, Toyota also is preparing to present the latest Vios Yaris hatchback design with version 2012.

Maybe this is the way Toyota Vios cut cost of production. Given the Vios and Yaris last also has the same platform with their cheap car, Etios.

The New Vios looks more aggressive with a line that at first glance like the American version of the Camry to be minimized. Also, it appears from the application of grille, bumper and headlamp angle sharp image that purposely left the old Vios is more rounded.

On the side and rear, Vios looks more elegant with a mix of red and white colors on the dynamic taillights. Indentation in the bottom of the bumper also helped sweeten the look of this brand-new Vios.

In the Indian market, Toyota Vios presented with several engine options, including the petrol variant of 1600 cc or 1400 cc VGT diesel-powered 100 dk. However, for the Southeast Asia market, relying Vios 1500 cc VVT engine power 109 dk.

This brand-new Vios sedan reportedly also challenge the Peugeot 207, Mazda2 sedan and Ford Fiesta sedan. Unfortunately, there has been no definitive information about when and where the Vios will be launched.

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