Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

Modifikasi Pelek Krom Ketinggalan Jaman

In recent years every person who wants to modify the car must not forget to pair the chrome-plated rim on the legs of the vehicle. But it is now outdated. Chrome-plated rims are now regarded as a pastime.

Trends in shiny rims for the modifier Americans now no longer be considered force, because all had left and switched to a black rim or rim color. Using a chrome-plated rim was regarded as the era of 90s old school cars.

"Glossy style is now no longer," said Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Auto repair shop is a retainer of Sports in Los Angeles who has also joined several editions of the MTV series Pimp My Ride.

"Chrome rim still has enthusiasts, but the trend has moved into the black rim and colored. Everyone tried to not like everybody else," said Myles Kovacs, publisher of the magazine dubs rim makers also have lines of modification.

In addition to appearance, size is also considered important. Large rim like 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches or 30 inches is considered the most daring different.

The market is changing. President of TSW Alloy Wheels, based in California, says Terence Scheckter chrome rims that demand has been much less than a few years ago. "The market chrome rims 22 inches have fallen," he said.

However, modifications in the American observers were also aware that the trend modif world will continue spinning and spinning. When the chrome rim has been abandoned, it is not possible the next 10 years, shiny rims will be back in demand.

"I still love you, chrome. I put it in the closet while waiting for them to come back into style," Boeckmann straightforward as quotes from USA 2011.

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