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Spesifikasi Mobil ESEMKA

KIAT ESEMKA Cars. The new official car belonging Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo or Jokowi using the latest technology. Tip Esemka car that was ordered from the Vocational School 2 Surakarta is no less sophisticated by artificial car manufacturer. It is also interesting to know the full specification Esemka Car Tips and detail. Anyone know what to buy.

"The engine DOHC, 16 valve, and has multi-point injection," said Dwi Budimartono, one teacher chaperone in the assembly Esemka Kiat. Machines used artificial vocational students themselves with the brand Esemka 1.5i engine with 4 cylinder in line.

Maximum power generated reaches 105 horsepower (HP) at 5,500 rpm so that the character of the engine power at high speed. Tip Esemka car length 5035 mm, height 1608 mm, 1620 mm wide with a capacity of seven passengers. "If the rear seats folded, there is 1.8 cubic meters of luggage space and five passengers," he continued.

Suspension is double whisbone used for the front and rear rigid axle uses leaf springs so it is quite comfortable when driving on potholed streets.

Cars with engine capacity of 1,500 cc is the ratio of fuel to 12 kilometers a liter (in town) and 13.5 kilometers (outside city). "The tank can carry 75 liters of gasoline," he said.

For features, the car already adopted the technology Kiat Esemka power steering, power windows and central lock. Then there are parking sensors and double blower air-conditioning.

He calls in terms of volume, the car class with the Ford Everest or the Mitsubishi Pajero, but with smaller engines. "If the terms of the engine, just like the Daihatsu Xenia or Toyota Avanza," he explained.

He said there is still a matter of manpower constraints cars. With a capacity of small cc, car acceleration a bit heavy and underpowered when climbing. "Looking ahead, there is an option to increase the capacity of the machine," he said.

Another companion teacher of SMK 2 Surakarta, Sriyono, said the work of six students SMK 2 which assembles cars Tip Esemka be proud of. Although there is still a shortage, it was felt to be a big problem.

"The result does not disappoint. Moreover, this is the first time that students usually only assemble cars after the maintenance and care, "he said.

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