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Volvo C30 electrical specifications

Volvo is ready kicked off with an environmentally friendly product. This week, the Swedish manufacturer that states are ready to release 10 units of electric vehicles on the C30 to the market this spring. Volvo C30 will provide battery-powered electricity at the Detroit Auto Show in January, with plans to build a fleet of 50 vehicles for testing real-world test in 2011.

The model shown in Detroit would be more along the prototype development process than previously presented in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

"The first prototype to help us identify the main technological challenges, such as battery packs and safety issues. We have discussed this challenge without sacrificing C30 cool and pleasant personality-to-drive. I am very pleased with the results. The C30 power in Detroit is a product that much more complete, "said Lennart Stegland, Director Volvo Cars Special Vehicles.

Certainty that after the manufacturer signed an agreement with the company Göteborg Energi. All the demo units of each product and will be equipped with measuring instruments to determine the effectiveness of energy used.

Volvo C30 Electric cars offer security as is typical of other manufacturers. The main difference of this vehicle as compared with other Volvo models only on pure electricity consumption.

"10 units shipped will begin this spring Volvo C30 Electric one of our focus on products as a drive that also mengampanyekan new way of life.," Says Volvo's party in a written statement, as reported by autoevolution (06/09/2010) .

This car is claimed to have traveled 150 kilometers distance in a state of the battery is fully charged. The energy source is supplied from lithium-ion batteries can be recharged simply by striking the wall socket. It took eight hours to charge from empty to full position.

For acceleration, the car can drive 000-100 miles per hour in less than 11 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 130 km / hr.

  • R-Design badge in the grille
  • Grille and door mirror housings in special silk metal finish
  • Body kit with front and rear spoilers, lower door trim moulding and side-skirts colour-matchedto the rest of the body
  • New 17-inch five-spoke Cratus aluminium wheels (18-inch optional)
  • Tailgate spoiler
  • Visible chrome-plated sports tailpipes (90 mm)

  • Upholstery in two colour combinations: cream-coloured leather with sides in dark grey Flex-Tec, or off-black leather with edges in off-black (new)
  • Embossed R-Design emblem in the front seats
  • R-Design centre stack and panel inserts
  • Gear lever knob trimmed in leather and aluminium
  • Sports pedals in aluminium, with rubber ribs
  • Sports steering wheel trimmed in leather, with R-Design emblem
  • Blue speedometer and rev counter gauges
  • Textile floor mats with contrasting piping
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Spesifikasi Modifikasi Nissan Cefiro

Sporty elegant appearance but really inspire young modifier. In Malaysia, some have been modified Cefiro drift style and appearance of which will be converted to a Nissan Skyline R32, so the practical Skyfiro usual, "explains Johan Fardjito, owner of 1992 Nissan Cefiro had undergone facial surgery R32 Skyline Country progress.

Drifting in neighboring communities, create Johan interested to build a drift car spec After consulting with his friends, Nissan Cefiro was chosen because it was considered best not to inhale the guinea pig .. "Caves select Cefiro since the price is cheap enough and suitable to change the body so that the Skyline R32," he added. Johan went to good fortune when he saw the Nissan Cefiro piled on the sidewalk near his home "Caves are interested because the body is still in good condition., Only the machine that has spent age," he said.

Not much to say, Johan borer immediately redeem the car and rushed to the home modification Das Auto, the number of arteries in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. But apparently, the intention to convert at Skyline R32 has been prepared by him or her an adult. Half-cut set of components Skyline R32 has been obtained before Johan even get the car.

"Although my father initially had agreed to build a baseball Cefiro., But after he saw the Skyline R32 is cut in half, I think he changed his mind," joked Johan Incidentally,. Johan gave a friend Skyline R32 half cut stock imported directly from Malaysia.

Fun again, the conversion process is not too difficult "Simply create a new bracket on the body just to fit in with his muzzle Cefiro R32 Skyline, once installed it is longer than. Cefiro original face," said this Limkokwing University students while at the stern, Johan use only lamps and rear bumper Skyline GTR R32 for the body and then knitted in Cefiro. "

It took a little adjustment on the bracket to be installed lighting is perfect, hard baseball, "he added To Skyline R32 appears more and more like the original, then the whole body is painted Skyfiro Arctic White paint from DuPont. Because buying a half cut in a condition, engine and brakes have been built package Nissan Skyline R32.

Once again the process of entry into the engine room Cefiro RB20DET engine means no constraints there was no change at all, although the company mounted .. This is because the standard engine which is coded RB20E Cefiro has a construction similar to the engine Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-t RB20DET default.

"Difference only wear baseball Cefiro turbo engine back and still single (SOHC engine)," said Johan.

In addition, to support the hobby of playing drift Johan then, congenital Skyline R32 manual gearbox feels better than a sip of congenital Cefiro using automatic machines to maximize performance, Johan just add artificial Mine intercooler. "It was a direct influence on engine performance baseball. But I was ready to make bigger turbo rather than later," lid Johan. EIS, I think it will be even more interesting.
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Specification Honda Odyssey Special Sliding Door

If in Indonesia, PT Honda Prospect Motor launches new premium MPV Honda Odyssey with a conventional door, so now there are options Odyssey with sliding doors or sliding doors.

Touring Elite is a performance almost similar to the concept cars that show off the Honda Odyssey at the Chicago Motor Show 2010.

Honda said the 2011 model offers a more exclusive appearance and a new interior features, including a sliding door.

New 2011 Odyssey, which will be released in the fall, is the first Honda van was developed by a team of engineers in the United States. It will be built at the same factory in Alabama where Odyssey is currently assembled.

New minivan looks slim. It has a 1.6-inch roofline is lower than the current model and track (distance between the wheel counterclockwise), 1.4 inches wider, and also improve the economic aerodynamics provide fuel for a better and wider interior. Honda adds nearly an extra inch of shoulder space in the front row.

The engine is a 3.5-liter V-6 with variable management system Honda three-cylinder mode, which allows the engine to run on three, four or six cylinders, depending on how much power is needed. Older models have the same type V-6; if any enhancements have been made to the engine for new models, Honda does not say.

Honda created the "cool" that will continue and remain calm six 12-ounce cans or four 20-ounce bottle when the vehicle is running. Of a new center console between the first row seat is big enough to accommodate the bags. And can be removed so that one can walk through to the second row and then reinstalled.

There are three configurations for second-row seats. Middle seat between two captain's chairs have a very narrow matter, but now it is four inches wider so maybe comfortable even for adults. The second amendment is a "wide mode" which enables the second seat outboard seats to move to the side almost two inches so that the largest number of child seats on the market that can be stored in all three seats simultaneously. Finally, the chair features the convenience centers so parents can move to slide the baby in the seat nearly six inches closer to the front lines.

While the third row, Honda says the cabin is wider there to make adults more comfortable with sliding doors to keep the motor below the surface of the shoulder. Third-row legroom increases by one-inch as well. Honda says it has made the third row "magic seat" that folds into a well on the floor - a concept that Honda introduced to the market years ago - much easier to store or lift. Instead of having to deal with and use the rope, now can be done with just one rope.

Honda has not announced pricing for the 2011 Odyssey. Preliminary fuel economy is estimated to-above-the-line Touring model is the Elite 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. That improvements to the Odyssey Touring model came out.
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New Honda Accord Crostour, Fuel Economy, Equipment Update

Based from the Honda Accord, with a combined contour and shape of the other variants, such as the CR-V also Odissey therefore be crosstour honda accord with a very futuristic body design. Berbody bongsor with high ground clearance, but not too far from the station wagon is perfect for a family.

When We reviewed the Honda's new Accord model Crosstour, one of Our Few gripes was in the fuel economy of department. Rated at 18/27 mpg (FWD), its not bad, but the lack of a six-speed transmission makes getting the most out of Each gallon a bit hard.

Honda appears to be ready to announce the Addition of a six-speed auto-box for the 2011 model year car, Which Will go on sale before the end of the year. This is well, ahead of a mid-cycle update, Which Should take place in the 2013 model year. The new transmission will of likely deliver a slight improvement in city fuel economy as much as two and outs mpg on the highway, making the CrossTour more competitive with the Toyota Venza Pls it comes to fuel economy.

Honda typically sticks to very strict model cycles, and four years after it WENT on sale as a 2008 model, the Accord is receiving its scheduled refresh. Among the tweaks for 2011 is an exterior freshening for both sedans and coupes, including a Sharper front fascia design, new wheels, and updated rear lighting. The grille is wider and sports marginally less chrome than before, and it rests above a restyled bumper with more Deeply scooped fog-light surrounds. Sedan models have a new trunklid with lighting strips adjacent to the license-plate holder.

Crosstour Honda Accord is equipped with engine mounting, vibration can be suppressed very well. Using the name of the application crosstour porters with huge capacity was already a necessity. Double wishbone and multilink system behind, with better use of the bushing and the composition of geometry-enhanced arms, front and rear suspension damping in the shocks created in various road conditions. Some things that are served by making more felt comfortable in making a long trip and stay safe in different conditions.

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2010 Jaguar XKR 75 Special Edition

2010 Jaguar XKR 75 Special Edition
Present a 2010 Jaguar XKR 75 Special Edition in the Goodwood Festival of Speed. As you imagine it by name, the model is ready to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jaguar XK with the Edition 75 unveiled a couple of days in Australia.

Jaguar XKR 75 features a number of subtle modifications, including a retuned version of the 5.0-liter supercharged engine standard that is currently producing 523bhp and 483 pounds feet of torque. That was enough to drop the 0-60mph time of 4.6 to 4.4 second.

The 75 XKR was the result of the challenge issued to Jaguar's engineering team by a point in the new boss, Dr. Ralf Speth, who wanted a car built to celebrate the birthday of the brand.

In addition to a more powerful engine and sport exhaust mandatory, the XKR gets 75 upgraded suspension system with rigid setup and slightly reduced ride height. Mill argued that a greater focus on the drivers have been achieved without sacrificing the repair and comfort that customers expect from Jaguar.

The 2010 Jaguar XKR 75 Special Edition is distinguished by a modified suspension, which also improves the handling of the vehicle, a chassis redesigned to improve aerodynamics, a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and spoiler longer.

To help distinguish it from the standard XKR, 75 would impose a revised aerodynamic body kit with front splitter, side sill extensions, rear diffuser and a larger rear spoiler. Red brake caliper, lightweight alloys and optional 20-inch full body graphics display.

The Jaguar XKR 75 will be available to order next month. Prices start from 85.500 GBP.

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Mercedes SLS Bertenaga Listrik Berkekuatan 526 DK

Innovation from the German origin of the premium car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is continuing. After the commotion made by SLS AMG launched its version last year, is now showing mercy of SLS prototype electric motor versions.

Since the SLS was first introduced last year AMG, Mercedes-Benz has apparently been set up gull-wing-door supercar (gill wing) in a version that is more environmentally friendly electric-powered. The first prototype is now ready to display with color laburan 'AMG Lumielectric Mango' bright yellow.

The car is yellow mango fruit has four electric motors located in the middle of the front and rear axles. The four are directly integrated with reduction gear which then plays four wheels.

Mercedes-Benz E-Cell SLS is driven by four electric motor unit attached to each wheel axle with integrated reduction gear to rotate all four wheels. These motors are capable of rotating on 12.000rpm with total power 526 hp and 880Nm of torque! The result, 00-60 miles / hour (96.5 km / h) can be achieved in a matter of four seconds.

Consequences installation of electricity in the front wheel motors require that the original front suspension uses double wishbone be replaced by a model of multi-link model with the push-rod damper model as used in F1 racing cars.

Position of lithium polymer batteries are separated between the 'middle of the tunnel' and the box behind the cockpit. Depositary electricity that could provide power equal to 480 kW (643 hp equivalent) This circuit is cooled by two separate cooler.

Front splitter that regulate air flow in front of the enlarged and serves to feed air flow received by a device at the rear diffuser to improve the style press (downforce), while the interior is equipped 10inci screen touchscreen tech in the center console.

According to the news, this is not just a prototype displays, but was able to drive like a production car. SLS Rencanaya AMG Mercedes E-Cell is not yet known this maximum speed would be thrown into the market around the year 2013.

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Specification Dodge Charger 2010

The Dodge Charger 2010 is a four-door, 5-passenger sports sedan, available in 12 trims, ranging from the Base to the SRT8.After the introduction, the Base is equipped with 178-horsepower engine 7.2 standard liter, V6, which reached 18-mpg in the city and 26-mpg on the highway. A four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. SRT8-425 engines equipped with standard horsepower 6.1-liter, V8, which reached 13-MPG in town and 19-MPG on the highway. A five-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard.

A four-speed automatic transmission with standard rear-wheel drive, while AWD versions have a five-speed automatic. R / T models have a 368-horsepower 5.7-liter V8, a five-speed automatic and Chrysler's Multi-Displacement System cylinder deactivation. SRT8 has a 425-horsepower 6.1-liter V8 and five-speed automatic cylinder deactivation. Available safety features include ABS, traction control, anti-slip system, and curtain side airbags. Optional on R / T is the Road / Track Performance Package, which includes 20-inch wheels, performance suspension and brakes, special exhaust tuning, and different engine programs that increase the horsepower to 372. SRT8 has a unique suspension tuning, and specific interior and exterior trim. Available is Chrysler's UConnect multimedia suite, which can include a wireless telephone link-cell, 30-gigabyte hard drive for storing digital music and picture files, and navigation systems with traffic information in real-time.

Consumer Guide Automotive places each vehicle into one of 18 classes based on size, price, and market position. Large car consists of the biggest passenger sedans. great inside and out, they offer a lot of coins and is dominated by domestic brands.

dohc V61 sohc V62 ohv V83 ohv V84
Size, liters/cu. in. 2.7/167 3.5/215 5.7/345 6.1/370
Horsepower @ rpm. 178 @ 5500 250 @ 6400 368 @ 5200 425 @ 6200
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 190 @ 4000 250 @ 3800 395 @ 4350 420 @ 4800
Availability Standard Standard Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg
4-speed automatic 18/26 17/25 --/-- --/--
5-speed automatic --/-- 17/23 16/25 5 13/19

EPA Fuel Economy Est - City 18 MPG
EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy 26 MPG
Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx 18.0 gal

Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive

Front Headroom 38.7 in
Front Hiproom 56.2 in
Front Legroom 41.8 in
Front Shoulderroom 59.3 in
Passenger Capacity 5
Second Headroom 36.2 in
Second Hiproom 55.5 in
Second Legroom 40.2 in
Second Shoulderroom 57.6 in

Curb Weight 3728 lbs
Height, Overall 58.2 in
Length, Overall 200.1 in
Min Ground Clearance N/A in
Tread Width, Front 63.0 in
Tread Width, Rear 63.1 in
Turning Diameter - Curb to Curb 38.9 ft
Turning Diameter - Wall to Wall N/A ft
Wheelbase 120.0 in
Width, Max w/o mirrors 74.5 in

Front Wheel Material Aluminum
Rear Wheel Material Aluminum

Front Tire Size P215/65R17
Rear Tire Size P215/65R17
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KIA meRecall Picanto Dan Cee'd

Kia Motors, the manufacturer of the origin of this south korea, Monday (14 / 6) yesterday, announced that it will merecall thousands Picanto and cee'd. This Korean company has identified more than 6500 Picanto experiencing problems with the fuel tank pipe, while 468 cee'd problematic on the brakes.

According to Kia, there have been A Few instances reported in the UK Nowhere the fuel-filler neck seal has been damaged due to high levels of de-icing materials, and a fuel leak has occurred. Contacting The company is now the all Affected owners to implement a cost-free fix as soon as possible.

cee'd (five-door, SW, and three-door), produced between 1 April 2008 to March 30, 2009 must undergo replacement brake master cylinder. However, Kia confirms there has been no report accidents associated with this defect.

While Picanto produced between November 2009 until February 2010 suffering from defects in the pipe and the gas tank could cause fuel leakage.

How the fate Picanto sold in Indonesia, would also be in the recall? Kia Motor Indonesia has so far not responded.

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Audi A8 Di Lengkapi Hotspot Internet

Audi claims the A8's top product is the first car in the world that offers a hotspot or wireless LAN (WLAN) is directly installed at the plant to access the Internet.

The Audi A8 car passengers both in the front or rear, can now access the Internet simultaneously through a wireless local area network (WLAN) or wireless module Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

The German manufacturer, provides eight terminals for portable computers, Apple iPad, netbooks, and telecommunication gadgets. They, called Audi, to surf, download a variety of information, data, surel, can even download the latest applications for the iPad. About data security, automotive manufacturers can not guarantee it will be leaked to others. Because, before the data was stored network is automatically encrypted.
Even though, the Audi did not say when the current Internet access equipment market, estimated that several automotive media, the origin Ingolstadt car manufacturer will start next year.

"For the U.S. market (U.S.), this product still be studied again. Too early talking about price or when this car will be marketed in the U.S.," said Audi spokesman Christian Bokich U.S. about these Audi plans.

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI Patahkan Rekor Porsche Panamera

Subaru Impreza WRX STI toughness has been verified by breaking the old record by four seconds faster, and also broke the record of the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Car rides Tommi Mäkinen won seven minutes, 55 seconds. Note that WRC champion four times four seconds faster than ever printed on the 2004 WRX STI on the same circuit. And, more proud again, the record is one second quicker than the Porsche Panamera Turbo (500 hp) driven by Walter Rohrl, Porsche's legendary test driver, although it was not an official test.

Subaru's first time using the Nurburgring at the end of 1980 to evaluate the suspension and tires used Legacy. Impreza WRX had just used it in 1992. At that time records WRX is 8:28,93.
Use of the Nurburgring as a place of examinations subscription for Subaru products because it is known as the toughest racing circuit in the world. This circuit has a length of 20.8 km with more than 160 corners.

"WRX STI is very easily controlled and the handling was very good despite the difficult curves once. I can easily predict their behavior. Self-confidence, which in fact offered a Subaru, "said Tommi.

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Mobil Tenaga Listrik Dan Surya Mulai Di Lirik Banyak Orang

Expensive electric cars and solar car which has adhered to the assumption of all the people who can not afford and want to feel great and high-tech car is indeed very difficult. But will Yes, electric cars Spyder The XC has been designed by Kim Seung order to be able to walk on the edge of town, this car even aspired to be owned by people who earn Rp. 30 Million / Year, so easy not to get it. Once the rapid climate change that occurred recently, the creator wanted to create in the near future would like to propose this system to the car assembly in order to be mass produced.

Vehicles powered by electric motors of electric power generated from batteries or solar power or sunlight. Power source from a lithium-ion batteries can power the electric motors menghasilkn for 100hp, so it can carry more passengers ride as far as 600km.

The XC Spyder cars are equipped with solar panels integrated layer with the glass roof is also utilizing renewable energy throughout the day. In addition, unique patterns of solar panels installed to make us admire the elegance and sophistication of this vehicle. Designers expect that the vehicle can be produced from recycled materials going forward, including ultra-light aluminum body that can be made from recycled aluminum cans so easy to be applied on systems and other devices, for a better world, of course, kim said on its website .

Future Cars

Future vehicles can be operated in two modes: first as a battery-powered electric cars as well as a balcony!

This car can crawl and climb on the walls of the building and parked right in front of your apartment window. This is a solution to the increasingly limited parking in the future as it increasingly crowded big cities
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Specification New Suzuki APV

APV was born through the global standard with the component contributed 80% of some ASEAN countries. Late last year, the national automotive world with the presence digemparkan Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Avanza. But not long ago that mengageni Suzuki Indomobil party also issued a statement, in mid-2004 they will launch the APV (All Purpose Vehicle). Concepts introduced between the same type, design-nosed car with a minimum carrying capacity of seven passengers.

Daihatsu and Toyota Parties have been answered with sales reaching 5,000 units per month (including for export). Even for domestic consumers, they are forced to pivot until mid next year to obtain the desired units. The presence of APV at least provide an alternative for car enthusiasts nosed at a price below that offered Rp100 million as Daihatsu and Toyota. In fact, Xenia and Avanza pivot effects also affect the consumer to move the bow to the APV.

In fact, the concept car as mentioned above was accepted by the community of Indonesia. But more than that, an international trust to produce the car in the country also became the driving wheels of the national economy. APV is planned to be produced as many as 70 thousand per year. The projection of total exports reached 30 thousand units. Conditions such as these strengthen the national automotive industry a new phenomenon that began with the production of Xenia and Avanza.

APV, as expressed Soebronto Laras, president director of PT Indomobil Suzuki International, a new model. Design followed the characters in the ASEAN countries despite well suited to countries in other parts of the continent. To be competitive, it must be the basis of four criteria for making APV. Fourth, among other things, quality, price competitive in global markets, environment friendly, and attention to safety aspects.

The plan, APV entered the period of production at Suzuki's plant in Tambun, West Java, in August next. New distribution conducted in September. But presumably Suzuki dealers are optimistic, that APV market will absorb many competitors, though not denied, that the pivot can happen anywhere at anytime .

MODEL: Suzuki APV (GX)
ATPM: Indomobil Suzuki International
Production: CKD
Price: Rp85 million, Rp115 Million

The number of cylinders and valves: I-4, 16 valves
Diameter x step (mm): 75x84, 5
Capacity (cc): 1493
Maximum Power (tk / rpm): 67/6.000
Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 122/3.000

TRANSMISSION: M / T CVT 5kecepatan

Front: McPherson strut, coil spring
Rear: Rigid axle, leaf springs

Front: ventilated disc
Rear: Tromol

TIRE: 195/65R15

Panjangxlebarxtinggi (mm): 4.155x1.655x1.430
Wheelbase (mm): 2625
Distance departure DPN / BLK (mm): 1.430/1.425
Tank capacity (lt): 43
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New Daihatsu Xenia

With the launched Daihatsu Xenia matic hunting enthusiasts tentanf information specification matic Xenia, Xenia price information matic, matic excess Xenia, Xenia details matic machine. As we know Xenia matic competitive pricing or more affordable. MPV seven passengers with automatic transmissions sold USD 139.7 million (on the road in Jakarta. Value-added and benefits are there in Xenia matic transmission rate of acceleration otamatik 4.

By the turn of this transmission, also replaced the final gear ratio, namely 5.571, is equal to used in Xenia with a machine Mi and Li 1000 c. With automatic transmission, the driver is much more comfortable, much less traffic conditions as we experience more and more traffic everyday. For women or mothers, the transmission of this course will be very helpful. rest the left foot and left hand is not much more driven. It would relieve tired quickly.

Daihatsu Xenia was awarded the Business Record (ReBi) for Low MPV Passenger Car category with the second highest sales growth in 2009.

Tera Foundation - initiators ReBi rate, throughout 2009 and then, Xenia booked sales growth up 27.4 percent while the automotive market when it declined 25 percent.

"The award of this Rebi Xenia increasingly strengthened its position as the best MPV for the family of Indonesia. It is also increasingly driven us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services in order Daihatsu become part of the Indonesian family life," said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), in a press release.

"Achieving sales volume of 75 169 units a proud achievement, because it can still be achieved in a difficult economic situation where the sale of all local producers declined 18 percent," said Amelia, some time ago.
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New Toyota Avanza 2010

Stylish and modern with strong characters and impressive design, avanza come up with its own image. Line from front to rear aeodynamic strengthen the exterior design make you proud to drive it.New Avanza has come with VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-Intelligent). More optimal performance, fuel consumption more efficient and environmentally friendly waste gas Euro 2 standards.

New Avanza appear with the grille design, front bumper and new rear combination lamp. Equipped with side protection moldings, rear spoiler and mud guard which adds a sporty and stylish. Rear Door handles and chrome-plated ornament License easy to use and more classy. Outside rearview mirror, electrically adjustable and rear window defogger provides extra convenience in driving. Fog lamp design with the quality of the wider spread of light to help drivers during bad weather. To minimize the dirt on the vehicle body, Avanza is equipped with a mud guard. One feature sewage sludge barrier. 2010 Avanza Exterior features body-colored side protection moldings to protect the friction in the door and add a sporty impression.

Interior Toyota New Avanza with 4 spoke steering wheel
Interior Color Grege (All Type)

Headrests on all seats to ensure comfort of all passengers.

Headrests on all seats ensure comfort of all passengers. Digital clock and place a ticket on the audio panel allows the driver during the trip. Having orange display that shows the alloy color matched to the atmosphere at night, motorists increasingly comfortable with the combination of light meters and easy viewing. Front seat sliding system with adjustable back and forth for the convenience of drivers. While Reclining Seat system for front and middle seats can be arranged in various positions to make travel more comfortable.
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New Daihatsu Terios 2010

Explore nature with more flexibility with the Daihatsu Terios, SUV with high ground clearance that will deliver seven people at once down the wildest imagination of the Type anda.Automatic TX AT Transmission, Air Conditioner Blower Double, Double Din Radio Tape CD Audio & MP3, seating configuration can be set - flexible. Although the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) matic cheapest, Daihatsu Terios TS A / T, apparently have a very significant price difference with the Terios TS version of the manual.

But if it is manually removed Terios TS PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) is only the price of USD 150.4 million Terios TS automatic version has a much more expensive price ie USD 166.6 million. USD 16.2 million higher than the manual version of the Terios TS.

But that price was supposed ADM is still in accordance with all
Daihatsu added specifications on this new SUV.

"At a glance it does look more expensive, but the price is suitable with some extra features that we apply in this car," said Executive Coordinator Elvina Domestic Marketing Division of ADM on the sidelines of the launch Afny Terios TS A / T in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Monday (18 / 1 / 2010).

The new features on the Daihatsu Terios TS pinned A / T gear position indicator, among others, foot rest, AC single blower, foot step, and do not forget the GPS automatic transmission.

Additional features that significantly boosted by Elvina car that only target sales figures just as much as 70-80 units per month.

"These are the new features in the Terios TS type, as a comparison in the manual Terios TS's no air-conditioning, all of which is attached the AC was usually paired in the workshop. Now the Terios TS matic pair is all we have," he explained.

But even so, with this price, Terios TS A / T is still remains a transmit automatic SUV with the most affordable prices on the market.

Best-selling car in Indonesia
1. Toyota Avanza
2. Daihatsu Xenia
3. Toyota Kijang Innova
4. Honda Jaz
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Specification New Mitsubishi Pajero 2010

In 2006 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) to create a global standard SUV Pajero. More than 2.5 million Pajero has produced more than 25 years ago since the first generation was launched there in 1982. Has sold in over 170 countries and regions today, Pajero has been very popular as a sport utility vehicle that is very extraordinary ability and durability without compromising safety, security and driving comfort on all road surfaces.

Last Pajero carrying capability in the harsh competition and was used for all conditions on this earth. This keeps the ability of SUV specifications of its predecessor, viewed from the approach in some corners, ground clearance and other performance parameter2. Features the latest available at the fourth generation Pajero.

Apply diesel engine 3.2-liter four-cylinder fuel injection or a new 3.8-liter gasoline engine V6 MIVEC . 4 WD system using the Super Select 4WD-II transfer case and available ASTC, different rear door locks are made in the bedrock concept of MMC All-Wheel-Control (AWC) to make significant improvements for both off road and road conditions asphalt.

His dashboard design with high art and its interior is equipped with sophisticated equipment such as Rockford Acoustic Sound System uses a new 860W 12-speaker type. This latest Pajero is produced at Pajero Manufacturing Co., KTD in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. MMC factory will begin sending it to Europe in September, in parallel with the delivery to Japan and to Australia in October. The company plans to export this car to 170 other countries and regions like the Middle East, South and Central America, and Asia and ASEAN region.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Engine
Engine Type In-Line Engine
Engine Description 2.8L 118.6bhp Turbo-charged Intercooled Diesel engine
Engine Displacement(cc) 2835
No. of Cylinders 4
Maximum Power 118.6@4000 (PS@rpm)
Maximum Torque 29.8@2000 (kgm@rpm)
Valves Per Cylinder 2
Valve Configuration SOHC
Fuel Supply System Direct Injection
Bore x Stroke 95.0 x 100.0 mm
Compression Ratio 21:01
Turbo Charger Yes
Super Charger No
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Transmission
Transmission Type Manual
Gear box 5 Speed
Drive Type 4WD
Synchronizers None
Clutch Type Single, Dry Plate Clutch
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Suspension System
Front Suspension Double wishbone torsion bar with stabiliser bar
Rear Suspension 3 Link coil spring rigid axle with stabiliser bar
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Steering
Steering Type Power
Steering Column Tilt
Turning Radius (wheel base) 5.9 m
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Brake System
Front Brake Type Ventilated Disc
Rear Brake Type Disc & Drum
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Performance
Top Speed 150 kmph
Acceleration (0-100 kmph) 17 seconds
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Fuel
Mileage-City (kmpl) 6.5
Mileage-Highway (kmpl) 9.5
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 92
Emission Norm Compliance Euro IV
Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 L Tyres
Tyre Size 235/75 R15
Wheel Size 15X6.00 JJ
Alloy Wheel Size 15 inches

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Best Audio Car For You

Kenwood, a leading manufacturer of car audio. Understand what consumers needed. Mention the identify Kenwood car stereo and so they want know what you are discussing. Kenwood car stereos have created high quality buyers got gadgets, products as well as test the connection gear since 1946. Kenwood car stereo systems is focused primarily on the look, anatomist and create Regarding Also commercial wireless communication infrastructure but are Also inside the famous cellular production customers as well as entertainment systems.

Kenwood home theater systems will of automobile Also be focused on making the finest top-quality components along with advanced technology Received Them Which includes pursuing a massive audio tracks products in the landscape. At the moment, vehicle Kenwood home theater systems possess a impressive selection items That would help to make anybody spit over, whether or not he Could be a lover of audio tracks or otherwise.

Kenwood car stereo systems is sleek designs Provider That Will definitely satisfy anyone Regarding visual needs. Tech-Freaks and Geeks May Also be amazed with the skills Specialization Kenwood car audio system any Offers. Currently many Kenwood car stereo units already include popup LCD panels for watching DVD movies. The Kenwood KVT-717DVD 7.0 "Wide, Fully Motorized In-dash Monitor Receiver DVD/WMA/MP3 is a good thing for your requirements.

• 7.0 inch Wide Color TFT Active Matrix Display

• Full-automatic Open / Close with slide and angle adjustments

• Interactive Touch Screen Control with OSD

• Audio Easy Control Mode while Playing Visual Source

• Installer / Backup Memory of Audio / Video Setup

• Max. Output Power: 50W x 4 (MOSFET Power IC)

• 3 Pre-outs with 5V Pre-out Level

• 2 RCA AV Inputs / 1 RCA AV Output and Video Input for Rear View Camera

• RGB Input for Navigation System, Q or Ice + System.

• DVD Menu Direct Touch Screen Control, DVD-R/RW Compatible

• MPEG 1 / 2 Video files and JPEG files Playback

• Dual Zone Source & Volume Control

• External Media Control - iPod Ready and optional TV Tuner
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Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Reviews 2010 KIA Forte

The brand-new Kia Forte Koup is Kia's first two-door coupe and a sibling to the new Forte sedan, Which is Kia's replacement for its sad-sack Spectra and its answer to cars like the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla, and the Mazda3 . The "Koup" moniker is a melding of the "K" from "Kia" and the "OUP" from "coupe." The Forte Koup Will Be at Kia dealers by August or September.

The Kia Forte Koup's fresh, modern styling is definitely a strong point. Along with the Forte sedan, it represents a new design direction for Kia, Which is making a big effort to distinguish its products Visually from corporate parent Hyundai's. The Koup's mesh grille and air intake are part of a new Kia family signature look That you'll see on more cars in the future. A strong shoulder line running the length of the car and the standard 16-inch or optional 17-inch alloy wheels give the Koup a sharp street stance.

We drove two examples of the upper trim levels, the SX; one with a manual transmission and black cloth upholstery, the other with an automatic and black leather. Both Had Some sporty front seats with red stitching and bolstering. The overall cabin design is pleasing, and the build quality is very good. The interior plastics are a little hard to the touch but largely inoffensive. The driver's door armrest needs more padding. The center stack is well-particularly Designed and finished with a glossy black material. Stereo and HVAC controls are logical, and a superb six-speaker CD stereo with iPod/MP3 connectivity is standard. The SX's substantial dead pedal (on the far left of the driver's footwell, for resting your left foot Pls it's not on the clutch) is finished in polished metal like the other pedals.

The base is equipped EX Koup with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing 156 hp and 144 lb-ft of torque, while the SX gets a Bigger, 2.4-liter four That bumps up to 173 hp and torque to 168 lb-ft . The Smaller engine is mated to a standard five-speed manual transmission or an optional four-speed automatic, while the 2.4-liter SX gets a six-speed manual as standard and an optional five-speed automatic. These mirrors powertrains Those of the Forte sedan; Forte both models are front-wheel-drive vehicles. EX Both models are rated at 25/34 city / highway EPA fuel economy. The more powerful SX is rated at 22/32 with the manual, 23/31 with the automatic.

The Forte Koup has a strut-type front suspension with coil springs, typical in this class of car, but it makes do with a beam-axle rear suspension, a technical detail That definitely falls short of cars like the Honda Civic and Mazda 3, Which have independent rear suspensions. Over smooth road surfaces, you'll never notice or care, but the going gets rough Pls, stiff springs and the beam axle conspire to send the rear end skittering sideways. Front and rear anti-roll bars are standard.

Overall, the Forte Koup driving meets the standards of this class of car. Body roll is reasonably well-contained, the steering has Some feel to it, if it's a little dead on-center, and there's a distinct lack of the sponginess in chassis and suspension That characterized previous models like the Kia Spectra. Our limited drive in Seoul, South Korea, from Kia's headquarters up to the DMZ was entirely During a major rainstorm, so We have had no opportunity to drive the car on dry pavement. It's fairly clear, though, that although the Kia Forte Koup is no sports car, it's got spirit Enough to keep most drivers happy.
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Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

New Ferrari 2010 California

Ferrari Cars are a luxury.
The California is full of firsts: it's the first-ever front-mounted V-8-engined Ferrari, it's the first use of direct injection in a Ferrari, and it's Ferrari's first dual-clutch automated manual transmission. It's Also the first Ferrari built on a modular architecture, and the first built on a new production line That is downright spooky in its Modernity. I was Able to tour the facility last month, and the California's production line is spotlessly clean, eerily quiet, and freakishly automated. On the one hand, computerized, precise mass production makes the California seem somehow less special, on the other, it ensures the highest level of quality. I think it's a worthwhile tradeoff, ESPECIALLY for a Ferrari that's inherently less special than Some Others.

Screeeetch - less special? I mean no insult by the California that '. It's the least expensive offering in Ferrari's stable, but that's only part of the reason why. The other reason is That I equate "special" with "insane." I, a certified automotive nutcase, adore the F430 for its Insanity. I love the way it crackles and barks and screams. I love how it scares small children and grown men alike with its acoustic assault; how it accelerates and shifts with Standard and Poor violence That it renders its hysterical passengers. I love how its occupants are assaulted with the feel of Every Pebble on the road after luring Them ins with the sight and scent of the world's finest materials.

Some, however, Might find the F430 a bit much. For These people, Ferrari makes the California. The California is a softer, milder, less insane Ferrari. Ergo, it's less special to people like me crazy, but it's no less special in the real world. A grand tourer in the traditional sense of the word, Ferrari's hard-top convertible is smooth and Luxurious. Its sound level and ride are sedate by Ferrari standards, and its cabin elegance and Luxurious.

From the driver's seat, the experience is typical of today's Ferraris, Which means a big red start button, a Mannetino controller on the steering wheel, and a paddle-shifted transmission. Upon first driving off, you notice That the suspension is Supple, the gearchanges are smooth, and, like all modern Ferraris, the steering is Cadillac-overboosted and lacking in feel.

I drove the California in traffic for Almost a Hundred Miles Finally before I flung it into a corner-and Quickly Became aware that, like the 599 GTB and the 612 Scaglietti, it has two very distinct Personalities. The California turns ins with amazing immediacy-likely a result of having most of its weight Between the axles. To That end, the V-8 is completely mounted aft of the front axle and the dual-clutch transmission is a transaxle mounted in the rear. Not much feedback comes through the steering wheel, and the brakes are wooden Somewhat, but this is a car That knows how to dance. Chassis balance is spot-on perfect, serving up high-speed drifts That Are Easily controlled with the throttle.

The dual-clutch transmission shifts with no interruption in power, it's nothing like the old F1's brutal, neck-snapping full-throttle shifts. But I actually prefer the single-clutch transmission, at Least Until Ferrari's software engineers get around to a Version 2.0. Even though the dual-clutch box Mostly provides seamless shifts, making for more comfortable driving, it's not quite as well as the old programmed F1 box, and A Few glitches are apparent.
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Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

2011 New Volkswagon Sharan The Next Generation MPV

All New VW Sharan 2011 gets a price in Europe starting around USD38.488. The first time the debut of New VW Sharan was at Geneva Auto Show 2010 days ago. VW Sharan comes in two engines, diesel and gasoline. The gasoline engine is 1400cc Twincharged Stratified Injection (TSI) generate power 2000 cc 150 PS and 200 PS power generated. While the diesel engines is 1400 cc Diesel Turbocharger Direct Injection (TDI) generate power 2000 cc 140 PS and 170 PS power generated).

With over 600 000 units sold, the new Volkswagen Sharan is the favorite vehicle of countless Families all over Europe. Coming now, with a world premiere at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show (4th to 14th March), is a completely new generation of this best seller. For the first time equipped with sliding doors in the back, the new Volkswagen Sharan has been enhanced in Every area. There are only two parts That the new and the old VW Sharan have in common: the sun visors. That's it! Everything else - Every screw, Every exterior and interior parts and all of the technology, including the TDI and TSI engines (103kW / 140PS to 147kW / 200PS) and transmission systems (DSG optional) - is new. Volkswagen Sharan 3.0, as it Were, offering world-record performance in fuel efficiency: at 5.5 litres per 100km (51.4 mpg), the Volkswagen Sharan 2.0 TDI 140PS achieves lower fuel consumption than any other MPV in this class.

The hallmark of the new Volkswagen Sharan is a complete design concept That includes the extremely flexible EasyFold Seating System (Easily adjustable up to seven seats), high-end quality, uncompromising safety (seven airbags, automatic Assist Light main beam control, bi-xenon Daytime headlights with LED running light and position) and numerous clever details. Also to this new generation of Volkswagen Sharan are adaptive chassis control (DCC) and a level regulating system. This comfortable multi-purpose vehicle in the UPP.

Thanks to the turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, Every new version of the Sharan has gained significant extra agility. Completely new styling reinforces this. Its front and rear Concise Contours, in particular, plus its Prominent wheel arches, create a totally new street presence. The vehicle's relative proportions Also has a more dynamic effect, with the new model - at 4.85 metres in length - being 22 centimetres longer than the old VW Sharan. Also Its width has grown, adding 2.9 centimetres (Measured from door handle to door handle at the front) to now measure 1.9 metres. At The Same Time its height is now 1.2 centimetres lower, at 1.72 metres. The result is A fascinating interplay of proportions and a very powerful overall impression. The reduced height, however, does not come at the expense of interior headroom.

Volkswagen Sharan is the company's first MPV range to be Designed by Walter de Silva (Group Chief Designer) and Klaus Bischoff (Brand's Chief Designer), based totally on the new Volkswagen design matrix DNA. The design of the vehicle body, Which is both appealing and functional, is epitomised by clear Thus, horizontal lines. It is fresh, yet certainly not dictated by any transient fashion. The aim of the design is rather to create with its balanced proportions and minimal lines, an ideal base for giving the body an extremely energetic look.

Over and above the three equipment lines and the Volkswagen Sharan Seating Configurations Can Also be tailored to satisfy customers' individual demands. Technical highlights include the new Light Assist system (automatic control main beam), electric sliding doors and tailgate, a new-generation 2.0 Park Assist (automatic steering function for parking, now even in extremely small gaps, on pavements, Between trees and - for the first time - at an angle to the traffic), a 300-watt Dynaudio sound system and the 'Access keyless' lock and ignition system. Caravanners, horse and boat owners will from Also be delighted by the new, pivoting tow-bar. In fact, in many respects the Volkswagen Sharan leaves the normal boundaries for this class of vehicle far behind. Not, however, in one aspect: extremely reasonable prices!
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Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

Modified For Piaggio

Scooter is elegant, Modified for Piaggio. Italian scooter maker Piaggio & Co. SpA (PIA.MI: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) suffered a 15 million euro ($ 23.2 million) revenue drop in the first quarter due to seasonal factors and a Stronger euro, said Chief Executive Roberto Colaninno on Tuesday.

Engine Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve Piaggio LEADER with SAS and catalytic exhaust
Displacement 124 cc
Bore 57 mm
Stroke 48.6 mm
Fuel Unleaded
Compression ratio 12.0:1
Max power 15 bhp (11 Kw) at 9,250 rpm
Max torque 12 Nm at 8,500 rpm
Cooling Liquid
Gearbox ‘Twist and go’ automatic CVT, torque server
Ignition Electronic capacitive discharge (CDI) and ignition advance mapping
Starter Electric (Bendix) with automatic decompressor and automatic start
Frame Twin cradle: tubes in high tensile steel
Front suspension Parallelogram composed of four aluminium arms supporting two steering tubes, cantilevered suspension – Travel: 85 (mm)
Rear suspension Two dual effect hydraulic shock absorbers and adjustable spring preload – Travel: 110 (mm)
Front brakes Two stainless steel disks, Ø 240 mm and floating calliper with two pistons, Ø 30 mm
Rear brake Stainless steel disk, Ø 240 mm and calliper with opposite pistons, Ø 30 mm
Front wheel rims Die-cast aluminium alloy, 12" x 3.00
Rear wheel rims Die-cast aluminium alloy, 12" x 3.50
Front tyre Tubeless 120/70-12” 51P
Rear tyre

Tubeless 130/70-12” 62P
Length/Width 2,130 mm/ 745 mm
Wheelbase 1,490 mm
Seat height 780 mm
Dry weight 199 kg
Fuel tank capacity 12 litres (includes 1.8 litres reserve)
Max speed 103 km/h
Consumption (ECE 40 cycle) 25 km/l
Emissions Euro3
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Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Minerva 150 VX Sport 2010

Minerva 150 R VX Specifications, prices, weakness, Test Ride. PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) has launched a new sports bike Minerva Sachs R 2010 150 VX which dibanderol the price of Rp. 16.5 million, - or sixteen million five hundred thousand rupiah on the road in Jakarta.

Minerva Minerva genarasi this latest claim has been applying some feature that superior, call it the Projection Lamp, Digital Speedometer, Monosock Absorber, Sporty mufflers, Rear Disc Brake and Twinker LED Lamp. The futuristic and sporty design complemented with advanced features, making Minerva 150 R VX as new trendsetter in its class.

Completion of Minerva Sachs motor action R 150 VX by MMI credible added activating and affected which absolutely added adventurous than its antecedent achievement Minerva 150R. Some absorbing appearance in the Minerva R150VX monoshock absorber, avant-garde and rear disc brakes, agenda speedometer, the driver's bench and a abstracted boncenger, as able-bodied as tubeless annoy model.

Motor Action 2010 Minerva Sachs R VX 150 is additionally able with appearance such as a headlamp that uses a ablaze projection, Sein lights with LED lamp, and avant-garde abeyance arrangement upside down.

While the accouterment sector, Minerva is Able R150VX Sachs 150 cc SOHC Able agent of breeding ABILITY of 13.5 PS at 9500 rpm. In accession Minerva R150VX oil additionally acknowledgments and avant-garde appearance Balancer shafts agent to abate vibration.

Kristianto botheration architecture is the aftereffect of conception reveals R150VX Megelli UK, but for agent technology Minerva Sachs entrust to Germany. "We consistently advanced the Affection of customer aplomb to abide the world's architecture Affection standards advanced by Germany Sachs put technology," lid Kristianto.

In addition to the display side, Minerva Sachs R 150 VX also undergone significant changes in the sector pacunya kitchen. Armed with 150 cc SOHC engine can produce up to 13.5 PS at 9500 rpm. Motor power output is slightly larger than R 150 Minerva.

Engine SOHC single cylinder engine with oil cooler and engine Balancer
Clutch Type Multiplate. Wet clutch
Final Ratio 2.533
Step piston diameter x 61 x 49.5
Maximum Power 13.5 PS / 9500 rpm
Maximum torque 10.5 Nm / 7000 rpm
Compression ratio 9.2: 1
Dental Operating 1-N-2-3-4-5
Digital CDI Ignition with Electric and Kick Starter
Battery Type 12 V-7 AH
Length x Width x Height 1982 x 675 x 935 mm
1365 mm wheelbase
Distance Lowest 195th mm
Empty Weight 115 kg
Maximum load 150 kg
Tank capacity 12 Liter
Front suspension Upside down
Rear Suspension Mono Shock
Brakes Front and Rear Disc Brake Piston Double
Front Tire 80/90-17
Rear tires 120/70-17
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Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

2010 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

The NOVITEC Rosso Program for 612 Scaglietti comes with increased power to 565 hp / 416 kW at 7290 rpm is the product of a new engine management system is calibrated and NOVITEC Rosso high performance stainless steel exhaust system. Rosso NOVITEC now offers new accessories to the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti like custom-tailored tire / wheel combination with a diameter of 20 and 21 inches, increasing power to 565 hp / 416 kW, stainless steel sport exhaust system, new design and interior upgrades for the rear lights.

The 612 Scaglietti is a 2+2 seater grand touring coupe with a long sleek bonnet, strong lines and signature scooped flanks borrowed from the famous Rossellini-Bergman 37 MM. The 2010 612 Scaglietti features superb handling dynamics with smooth and strong acceleration, Pininfarina-styled aluminum body and ergonomic shaped interior cabin. This fantastic sports car is powered by 5.7-liter V12 that produces 540-horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 433.8 pound-feet of torque at 5,250 rpm.

The transmission choices are a six-speed manual transmission or automatic six-speed F1 transmission. The 2010 Scaglietti available features include 18- and 19-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, anti-theft alarm, easy-entry seats, six-piece luggage set, aluminum or leather trim, electrochromic panoramic auto-dimming glass sunroof, aluminum pedals, premium 30 GB stereo, and navigation system. The 612 Scaglietti is named in honour of Sergio Scaglietti, the legendary Modenese stylist and coach builder responsible for bodying some of the most beautiful Ferraris of the 1950s and 60s. Price range: $313,088.

This tuning gives V12 engine response is even more crisp and bridging rev up much faster. Simultaneously peak torque grows 609 Nm at 5300 rpm. A top speed of more than 325 km / h sprint time of 000-100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds for 2 +2- seater sports car an even more dominant. NOVITEC Rosso suspension specialists have developed a custom version of a three-piece alloy wheels NF3 for Italian sports cars. New Wheels feature a striking design with five double radius and outer flange are polished. Contrary to the production of 19-inch wheels, NOVITEC Rosso 612 Scaglietti in the sport trim combinations 9Jx20 wheels in front and size 12.5Jx21 size rims on the rear axle.

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