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Baru Mendapatkan Lamborghini Hadiah Lotre Langsung Kecelakaan

Being the new rich have not been easy alias OKB. Must be many who learned quickly by him. If not, the problem to be in the can. Just look at the man from Utah, United States of the new Lamborghini Murcielago won just six hours after he won the lottery.

A man in Santaquin, Utah some time ago has just won a Lamborghini Murcielago worth U.S. $ 380,000 (approximately USD 3.4 billion) in a lottery. But unlucky, got a new 6-hour super car keys, the new owner directly menambrakkannya.

In fact, lottery winners named David Dopp has diarahka for driving training worth U.S. $ 4,000 (USD 36 million) awarded to him for free. But unfortunately, Dopp never make it to training classes.

And the result, as quoted by the Associated Press USA Today's green-colored roadster Dopp also must into Lamborghini repair center located in Las Vegas because there is no mechanical Lambo in Santaquin.

The accident began when Dopp and his family and friends celebrate the luck Dopp get Lamborghini Murcielago. But when trying to drive it and play in the round with a speed of 60-80 km / hour, the car is 'slipping' as ice or gravel which makes it crashed into fence posts although no one was injured because of the incident.

"Yes, I got it on Saturday and I got hit on Saturday," Dopp said KSL-TV in Utah.

Fortunately, a powerful 640 hp car has been insured. For maximum speed of this car is pretty crazy, 342 km / h, with acceleration from 0-100 km per hour in just 3.2 seconds just as easily could be achieved thanks to the application of ferocious V12 engine capacity of 6.5 liters.

After the incident, Dopp said that after repairs later he would soon sell the exotic Italian cars to pay bills and buy another car for his wife.

"(This Lambo)" will make all nice and pretty here in a few months, I'm sure, "he concluded.
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Modifikasi Mesin Honda Jazz Ala F1

Lots of modifier only focus on the exterior, interior or alter the performance with a little tinkering with the machine. Yet little attention to modifiers which actual machine condition after experiencing such changes.

In contrast to Teddy Jusman (36) are very concerned about the power of the engine after a significant change, but still see the power of the machine by looking at data like an F1 car through the iPad.

"For now I carry the theme of Super Street Racing, a vehicle that is more focused on modifications to the engine like crazy, so it can be used for racing and can be used everyday," said Teddy from the garage SS Performance Shop is located in Jalan WR Supratman No. 40, Bandung.

The man who likes to change the engine performance by improving the performance of this attempt to give a new innovation and is rarely used by other modifier takes up to a month to change the engine performance.

"I'm trying to modify is not strange, but how do I make it a race car (high performance), fun and safety, but still comfortable when driving it," Teddy said, smiling.

Although more focused on the large man machine is also not forget to beautify the look of Jazz birth Hond 2009. With a selection of bright colors with the airbrush ribbon of stars such presumed race and became the first champion to pass through the ribbon.

"And I also further highlight an innovation by putting a new system that has not been widely used modifier of another, by being able to see the data engine power that goes into the iPad. So that we can know the acceleration of the engine by adding tools On Board Diagnosis II (OBD II) , "he added.

Data Modification
Engine & Management System:
- CP pistons oversized 50
- Crower H Beam Connecting Rod
- By the ACL Metal Bearings
- Cylinder Head Porting Custom Polish By SSPs
- Valve Polisehed By SSPs
- Three Angle Valve Job By SSPs
- Turbo Kits by HKS Customized By SSPs
- Custom Front Pipe By SSPs
- Custom Down Pipe By SSPs
- Custom Extra Injector Direct 4 x 400cc By SSPs
- Blow Off Valve HKS Super SQV By IV
- By HKS Racing Suction Kit Customized By SSPs
- Exhaust System (pipe center & rear muffler) by FUJITSUBO
- Intank Fuel Pump 255 liter / hour high pressure Walbro By
- Type Dastek Unichip Q +
- Dastek Turbo Module
- Dastek I Drive
- Analog Dastek Map Selector
- Custom Mapping & Dyno By Sigma Speed
- Single fogger EFI Nitrous System - Wet System By Nitrous Express 50 shot
- Ntercooler By Nitrous Express System
- Purge Valve Kit By Nitrous Express
- By HKS EVC Boost Control
- Oil Cooler By Autobahn
- Oil Filter Relocator By Autobahn
- Oil Filter By HKS
- By HKS Oil Cap
- By HKS Radiator Cap
- Cusco Oil Catch Tank By
- Radiator Hose By Billion
- Ignition Volt Stabilizer Pivot By Raizin Spark
- Volt Stabilizer Pivot By Mega Raizin
- Ground Cable By Pivot
- Engine Oil By HKS
- Transmission Oil By HKS
- Low Temp Thermostat By J's Racing
- Low Temp Fan Switch By J's Racing

Suspension, Rims, Tyre & Brake System
- APP 4pot Color Titanium Caliper kit
- APP 330 Disc Rotor with 2 pcs
- APP Front & Rear Brake Line
- Project Miu Titan HD rear brake pads
- Compact S coilover kit HKS
- Cusco Lower Arm Bar ver.1 (2 points)
- Cusco Lower Arm Bar ver. 2 (4point)
- Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar
- Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
- Inner Fender Brace Cusco Front (Left & Right)
- Cusco Rear Stabilaizer Bar (Sway Bar)
- Cusco Front Stabilaize Bar (Sway Bar)
- J's Racing Rear Pillar Bar
- Weds Sport Rims 17x7.5 FIN
- Falken Azenis 215/45/R17
- ARP Wheel Stud
- Kyo - Ei Float Lock Nut Racing R4 ยบ
- Spoon Rigid collars

- Integrated Custom Front Bumper with Front Under Diffuser By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Bumper By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Diffuser Center By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Diffuser Side By Pitstop
- Custom Side Skirt By Pitstop
- Custom Front Wide fenders By Pitstop
- Custom Front Inner fenders By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Inner fenders By Pitstop
- Custom Carbon Engine Hood By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Wing Carbon GT
- Custom Cover By Pitstop underbody Deck
- Custom Rear Fender Over By Pitstop
- Custom Mirror Spoon Carbonized
- LED Tail Lamp By J's Racing Stellar V
- Day By Raybrig LED Light
- Xenon Conversion Kit By HDX
- Front & Rear Red H Emblem By OEM Honda Type R
- Short Antenna By J's Racing
- Air Brushed & Design By Tomi

- Custom A Pillar Carbonized
- Custom Audio Box Carbonized
- Custom Nitrous Bottle Bracket
- By HKS Turbo Timer Type 1
- Throttle Control Pivot 3 Drive By
- HKS Camp 2 Real Time Engine Monitoring
- Meters Oil Press Defi BF Series By
- Oil Temp Meters By Defi BF Series
- Water Temp Meters By Defi BF Series
- Control Unit Defi Link Meters By
- Head Up Display by Defi VSD
- By Pivot Shift light
- OBDII Data & Data Log Reader OT2 By Innovate / KiwiPLX
- OBDII Data Display (Wireless-Wifi) By iPad
- Pedals By Veilside
- Titanium Shift Knob by Spoon
- Custom Roll Bar
- By Momo Montecarlo Steering Wheel
- Steering Adapter By HKB
- Steering Quick Release By WB
- Custom Panel Meters
- Custom Notebook Mount
- Alerts by Autowach 2 Ch.
- Start Button & Bracket OEM Civic Type R FD2R
- Go Pro Camera
- Front Seat by Bride Gias Max Carbon Kevlar Lox
- Front Safety Belt By Takata 4 Point
- Wind Screen Film By Vcool
- Custom Aluminum Drivers & Passager Foot Rest

Audio - Video
- Head Unit (1) Pioneer DEH 9850BT
- Head Unit (2) Pioneer AVH 5350 DVD
- Power Amplifier Helix A4 - 4 Ch x 60W (for Speakers)
- Oracle Viva Front Speaker 2 Way
- Rear Speakers Rockford Fosgate P162S
- 2 Set Monoblock Power Amplifier Prokick LS3000-1x1000W (for Single Sub Woofer)
- 2 Rockford Fosgate T112D2 DVS Set 12 inch Sub Woofer
- LCD Monitor 7 "
- Bluetooth Connection as AUX Ch. By iPad
- Custom Box, interior Cosmetic & Audio Installation By Audio One
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2012 New Land Rover Defender Review

Land Rover's workhorse, the Defender, has been updated for 2012, with the main changes concerned with ensuring it complies with Euro V emissions regulations.

A new 2.2-litre diesel engine replaces the 2.4-litre in the current Defender. Power, torque and economy remain unchanged, however, and the 2012 Defender won't be up for any eco awards, with CO2 emissions starting at 265g/km for the 90 wheelbase models.

The new engine and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) enable the car to meet EU5 emissions regulations for Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbon emissions.

While many modern diesel particulate filters require the car to be run regularly at high speeds to prevent them from clogging, Land Rover's DPF has been designed to remain clear even with consistent low-speed running – handy if your Defender is plugging around the farm or country estate.

What's it like to drive? Take the Defender into the roughest of rough and you'll be amazed by what it can do.

On the road, it's a different story. The engine is noisy, but still only just manages to drown out the din kicked up by the tyres.

The Defender bounces around all over the place, and has to take corners at a fairly pedestrian rate. The steering is slow and you'll need Popeye-like biceps to change gear.

What's it like inside? Basic. You have to adjust your body to the Defender's driving position, when in most modern cars it's the other way around.

At least the dash is simple and instinctive to use, with the heating and ventilation controls placed together.

The Defender is an incredibly versatile car, because you can tailor it to your specific needs. The three wheelbase sizes (90, 110 and 130) come with a range of 14 bodystyles, including pick-ups, station wagons and soft-tops. They can be specified with between two and seven forward-facing seats, depending on which version you choose. All provide terrific boot space. 

A new option pack is available for 2012, which includes luxuries such as air-conditioning, CD Player with auxiliary input, electric windows and remote central locking. The Comfort Pack costs £1650.

Should I buy one? If you need a rugged 4x4 that will take you into the wildest of wildernesses, yes. If you require a modicum of refinement, comfort and economy from your vehicle, then the answer's a resounding no.

The verdict below may seem harsh to those who do use the Defender to the maximum of its capabilities regularly, but there are any number of more-modern 4x4s that will make better buys.
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4 Raja Modifikasi Mobil

Lots of modifiers that have style and its own characteristics in Indonesia from young children to the parents, but the modification of the world Indonesia is now getting a new king. Four kings from four different classes if they prove themselves the best in the world of modification Indonesia.

Crown champions Indonesia modification was obtained after the contest car modification Clas Mild Accelera Auto Contest to the final held at the Balai Kartini Jakarta shortly after the announcement of the winner even though some participants seemed to question decisions made jury.

There are seven aspects of the assessment on which to base the selection of the kings of this modification, the interior, exterior, feet, engine, audio, body conversion, and suspension.

"All are winners and deserve to be champions. But in a competition we have to choose the winner and the four people here who become champions," said Marketing Manager Sales Elangperdana Tyre Industry as the organizer Surya Dharma, Monday morning (19/12/2011).

King of the newly sworn in, among others Raditya Tanaya who deserves the title of The Champion of Street Racing after a young man from Bandung was succeeded in making modifications in his Mitsubishi Galant to be the best.

While Joe Victor earned the Champion Racing fo thanks to its ability to change the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up into a racing car.

In other places there Arief who managed to become champion thanks to his elegant appearance Vellfire. The title of Champion of Elegant her clothing was inappropriate.

But when talking about an extreme car modification, Franklin, a young man from Bogor who are entitled to be the best. Franklin managed to transform his Nissan Ceffiro be a modification of a futuristic car.

The four new king is also now eligible to receive trophies from Menpora. And the elegant cars specifically for the king, a Bajaj Pulsar 220 has the right to take home and one unit of the All New Chevrolet Spark is given to the king of extreme car this time.

Want to know what advantages these steeds of kings? Look forward to his review in jau-carmodification.blogspot.com
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Modifikasi Kijang Inova Ala Ruang Tamu

Often travel for work or with colleagues who are members of the club's beloved car, often make the heart miss a home atmosphere. So also with Andi Muhammad Ilham Ramdhani (23), to treat him miss modify Toyota Kijang Inova in 2006 with the interior of the family-style living room.

"Actually, the initial concept living room or want to bring things home in my car," said Andi Muhammad Ilham Ramdhani, which also includes the club into the Indonesia Deer Club (IKC), when found paparazy some time ago.

Finally, a crazy idea that used to be called Ilham this arises, not half the 46-inch TV screen finally was in the middle of his cabin Kijang Inova

"Because I was often the way with the club, so I want the atmosphere of the room is always there when I want to travel. Well I also include 46-inch TV that can connect the PS3 to play with friends, DVD, Laptop and iPad," said Ilham with a smile.

Parents too often Ilham could only shake his head to see their child modify the car.

"In addition I also changed the interior a little more comfortable by adding a seat, doortrim, carpet MBTech camaro steering wheel, suede ceiling, Wood pannel, and led to a custom acrylic cabin pillars," said Ilham while moving his right hand.

"But I also still plans to enter into this sofa to be just as at home. But I still have to be patient because I made ​​this by setting aside all my pocket money and I am a small business," said the inspiration.


Jok, doortim, carpets, steering MBTech Camaro
ceiling suede
Wood pannel
Custom acrylic LED cabin pillars

JL audio sub 12inch
Speaker 6.5inch split KillTech
Speaker 6.5inch split venom
Power amplifier with crossover
PCA monoblock

iPad 1
PS 3
Philips DVD
Sony BRAVIA 46-inch LCD

The legs
Intra R18x8 rim, 5rata
Achiles 225/45 tires
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Modifikasi Toyota Vioz "King of Street Style"

The results of modifications made to M. Nizar Anwar in a Toyota Vios to fruition. Toyota Vios berkelir yellow seize his title of King of Street Style contest in a modification event in Surabaya.

Not only that, Nizar who is also a member of TSVC (Toyota Soluna Vios Club) also get three other categories such as interior, exterior and audio experience.

"They have not counted the founding year TSVC (Toyota Soluna Vios Club) Surabaya chapter on June 4, 2011 last, which combines community owners and users of the Toyota sedan with Toyota Soluna Vios has a variety of solid positive agenda," said Chairman TSVC Rizky Basworo comment on victory modification of his men in the contest.

To get the title of King of the Street Style, Nizar make changes to almost all sectors. Engine, transmission, interior, exterior, and car audio faces made up.

Data modifications:


Turbo bolt on Zage, Zage Intercooler, Oil Cooler Autobahn, piggyback Greddy E-Manage Ultimate, Map Sensor Bar Greddy, Samco Silicon Radiator Hose, BOV HKS Black Limited, NGK Iridium Racing Spark Plugs, 320cc injectors, Turbo Timer APEXI, Oil Catch Tank Cusco, Custom Headers & Exhaust, Walbro Fuel Pump, HKS Circle Earth, Oil & Radiator Cap TRD, Carbon Engine Cover, NOS Nitrous


EXEDY Racing Clutch


Sparco Torino Seat, Sparco 4 point Safetybelt, Sparco Steering Wheel, Sparco Pedal Sets, Shift Knob Sparco Carbon, D1 Spec Quick Release Carbon, Custom 6 point rollbar, Interior Panel Carbon Kevlar, Alas Pat Bordes, Bekled doortrim Interior & Rear Seats with a combination suede & Sparco, Autometer tachometers, Pivot Engine Start, Bost Autogauge Meter, voltmeter Autogauge, Oilmeter Autogauge, Sparco Fire tube.


Body custom wide body kit, wheels Volk Rays TE37 19 inch width of 8.5 to 9.5 inch, Full Adjustable coilover, Option 6 pot Brake kit, Headlamp Angle Eyes, Kap Machine Carbon Kevlar, Carbon GT wing, Spion Carbon.


Kenwood 2DIN Head Unit, 2 Tweeter & Split Cubig, 4 Speaker Cielo, 2 Subwofer 12 inch Soundstream, Power 4ch Soundstream Stealth, Power Harmonic Drive Monoblock Class D 3000W, 2 pcs capacitor Momentum Bank.
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Toyota Vios 2012 Akan Menggebrak jalanan

HONDA can be proud to display their newest for low sedan, City with Facelift. However, their rival, Toyota also is preparing to present the latest Vios Yaris hatchback design with version 2012.

Maybe this is the way Toyota Vios cut cost of production. Given the Vios and Yaris last also has the same platform with their cheap car, Etios.

The New Vios looks more aggressive with a line that at first glance like the American version of the Camry to be minimized. Also, it appears from the application of grille, bumper and headlamp angle sharp image that purposely left the old Vios is more rounded.

On the side and rear, Vios looks more elegant with a mix of red and white colors on the dynamic taillights. Indentation in the bottom of the bumper also helped sweeten the look of this brand-new Vios.

In the Indian market, Toyota Vios presented with several engine options, including the petrol variant of 1600 cc or 1400 cc VGT diesel-powered 100 dk. However, for the Southeast Asia market, relying Vios 1500 cc VVT engine power 109 dk.

This brand-new Vios sedan reportedly also challenge the Peugeot 207, Mazda2 sedan and Ford Fiesta sedan. Unfortunately, there has been no definitive information about when and where the Vios will be launched.
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New Style Peugeot RCZ 2012

The Peugeot RCZ was to be considered Peugeot’s first example of its new design direction and branding, but it looks like it will undergoing a restyling as early as 2012 as the company looks to the Peugeot SR1 and HR1 concepts for its design inspiration. The new-look Peugeot could appear in two-years’ time at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and could take on the SR1 front. We should see more of the new Peugeot design with the upcoming Peugeot 308 restyling expected to appear at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The RCZ is a racy sports car built on the 308 hatchback's foundations, but featuring a futuristic coupe body. This front-wheel-drive 2-door can be had with a turbocharged 1.6-litre mated to either a 6-speed manual or automatic, but the manual THP200 version is tuned much more power than the automatic THP156 model. Standard features include 19-inch alloy wheels, active rear spoiler, electric leather sports seats with memory, leather dashboard, cruise control with speed limiter, CD/MP3 stereo with USB/iPod connectivity, Bluetooth phone, auto dual-zone a/c, cooled glove box, electric mirrors with automatic-tilting on reverse, power windows, auto-dimming rear-view mirrors, automatic wipers, auto headlights, keyless entry, puncture repair kit, front and rear parking aid with screen display, and aluminium pedals. Safety features include front and side airbags, ABS, stability control, front and rear fog lights, and hill-start assist on the manual version. The manual THP200 also has slightly sportier suspension tuning, some shorter gearing and bigger front brakes.

The RCZ restyling should also include an updated engine range, which is good news, with a top-of-the-range 1.6 THP with 210 hp and a 2.2 HDi with 204 hp. In more good news, we could also see a hybrid RCZ with Hybrid4 all-wheel drive. The engines likely to be used on hybrid models could be the 2.0 HDi with 163 hp and the 1.6 THP with 156 hp. A second generation RCZ is planned for 2015 but it will depend on the success of the current model. With a possible restyling including this improvement in the engine range, there’s no reason why the RCZ shouldn’t have a modest success, and not just as a cheaper Audi TT knock-off.
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Modifikasi Holden 1974 Yang Penuh Dengan Audio

Two years ago, the car was found Deden type pickup in the state has become a carcass without a perfect body. However, Holden's output in 1974 was to show off the mat Clas Mild CodyMaxx Auto Extreme (CCAE) 2011.
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New Xenia 2012

After eagerly awaited by car enthusiasts homeland in the end car manufacturer Daihatsu re-issued one of their flagship products at the end of 2011 by 2012 this. As we know the car is one of Daihatsu Xenia car that success in the market the country, proved to duet with the Toyota Avanza makes this car dubbed the car a million people, then no one coincided with the launch of the All New Toyota Avanza 2012 then launched their latest product which is All New Xenia 2012.
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Spesifikasi All New Avanza 2012

All New Avanza 2012 Price Photos and Specifications for the fans especially the all new Toyota cars avanza 2012, the following I give a little information about the price of all new avanza 2012 as well as some photos and a slight advantage as well as recent changes in the output of Toyota cars, where all new avanza is a car with the highest level during this penjulan and believe many families and institution as a vehicle.

If we see from the faces of all new Avanza is now more rounded. as well as the body lines on the side will no longer straight but slightly following the rear wheel houses. On the back is almost the same theme is also carried Toyota. The rear lights are now through the body side.

All new this 2012 Avanza if judging in terms of interface is identical to the previous photo tersebar.untuk front, some leaked announces that all new avanza is something like the Etios and Etios Liva which Toyota introduced in India. Front headlights look gets a new design. While taking a wider grille style sedan Corolla Altis 2.0.

If we look at the wheel space, significant changes occur. This is evident from its dashboard design. Where for all new avanza dashboard looks more like a sedan because it is more gentle slope. AC grille located in the central part of wider. On top of the pillar B, additional blowers remain affixed to strengthen AC bursts, this 2012 Toyota avanza still use additional blower attached to the top of the pillar B.

Specification of all new avanza began in spekulasiaka approximate and may appear to draw the figure of the All-New Avanza. It is said, the capacity of the engine, both 1.5-liter and 1.3 liter (most in demand in Indonesia) is not expected to change. Mentioned will be added with VVT-i technology (machines currently Avanza 1.3 and 1.5 liters are already using technology VVT-i).

For the price this 2012 all new avanza can perkiranan kisaranya Avanza which are currently the cheapest price Rp136, 1 million. Variants of the most selling well are the type of G-engined 1.3-liter, sold Rp151, 550 million. Means the possibility of All-New Avanza prices for the best selling variant is estimated that nearly Rp160 million. Avanza was the next grade. While the most expensive is the Avanza 1.5S automatic transmission Rp174, 225 million. Now, if this variant the price goes up, businesses will close Kijang Innova petrol, Rp182 million.

Length: 4140 mm
Width: 1660 mm
Height: 1695 mm
Wheelbase: 2655 mm
Ground clearance: 200 mm
Foot distance: 1425 mm front, rear 1435 mm

Transmission: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic
Steering system: Rack & pinion with Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Steering & Tolt
Front suspension: MacPherson Strut with Coil Spring
Rear suspension: 4 link coil spring with lateral rod
Brakes front: Ventilated disc
Rear brake: Tromol
Tire size: 1.3 liters: 1.5-liter 185/70 R14: 185/65 R15

Type of engine: IL, 4 cylinder, 16 V, DOHC, VVT-i
Fuel: Petrol
System: Electronic Fule Injection (EFI)
Tank capacity: 45 liters

Machine code: K3-VE
Displacement: 1298 cc
Maximum power: 92 PS at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 11.9 kgm at 4,400 rpm


Machine code: 3SZ-VE
Displacement: 1495 cc
Maximum power: 104 PS at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 13.9 kgm at 4,400 rpm
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Spesifikasi All-New Avanza

Rumors about going to a car launch All-New Toyota Avanza more widely heard. According to rumors originating from the internal Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), May be the latest generation Avanza is launched later this year. So is All New Daihatsu Xenia will soon be in release.
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